I really like the look of these stylish new gaming chairs

The new Boulies' Master Series look class

Boulies Master Series gaming chairs in black faux leather
(Image credit: Boulies)

I really like the look of these new Boulies Master Series Gaming Chairs, which promise to be supremely comfortable and very adjustable. They already look like a sure-fire entry into T3's best gaming chairs guide.

They're good-looking too, and that's important if like me you have an open-plan home or want chairs that won't look out of place in the office: the colors here are subtle by gaming chair standards, and that means they'd look a lot nicer in my flat than some of the more garish models out there.

But most importantly, these chairs seem to have all the crucial features you need to be comfortable no matter what shape or size you are.

Boulies Master Series Gaming Chair

(Image credit: Boulies)

Serious features for serious gaming

The Master Series comes in two finishes – ultra flex PU and a water repellent fabric – and seven colors, and they boast lumbar support, redesigned armrests with 8-way adjustment to get the perfect support, multi-tilt with height adjustment, rocking and locking tilt adjustment and tension adjustment, so you can sit properly during the action-packed bits and then recline for a nap during the cutscenes. There's also a neck pillow for added comfort.

The Master Series is recommended for people from 165cm to 190cm tall and for weights up to 135kg, and Boulies is currently offering discounts on the usual price of £339 / $389: in the UK you can currently get your Master Series for £289.99, and in  the US the Master Series is $359.99.

What is Boulies going up against?

Today T3 considers the best gaming chair maker in the world to be Secretlab. Secretlab's Titan Evo 2022 and Titan Evo SoftWeave Plus are the two most highest rated gaming chairs we've ever reviewed, and for Boulies to gate-crash T3's best gaming chairs buying guide then its chairs are going to have to dethrone these.

And that's going to be a really tough task, as Secretlab chairs have incredible build quality, buckets of style, and loads of advanced features such as adjustable, in-built lumbar support, magnetic head pillows and 4D armrests.

To see today's best prices on the Secretlab Titan Evo check out the deals chart below.

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