I own the Echo Show 15 and it's worth buying in this Cyber Monday deal

Amazon's biggest smart display has never been so affordable

Echo Show 15 Black Friday deal
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Amazon is where you'll find the best Black Friday deals and the best Cyber Monday deals, especially when it comes to their own devices, be that its smart speakers or its smart displays, like this one. 

The Amazon Echo Show 15 has had its price knocked down to £189.99 for the big day, which is the lowest it has ever been. I own one and I absolutely love it so I think this is a really good deal that is worth buying, especially if you live in a bustling household.  

Echo Show 15: was £239.99, now £189.99 at Amazon

Echo Show 15: was £239.99, now £189.99 at Amazon
The Echo Show 15 has had its price cut by £50 for Black Friday, which makes it the cheapest it has ever been right now. Amazon's biggest smart display has loads of uses and will be best used in busy spots like the living room or kitchen. 

Why you should buy the Echo Show 15

The Echo Show 15 is a smart display designed to sit centrally in your home, so in a communal space like the kitchen or living room. 

You can mount it up on the wall, or you can buy a stand for it, but whichever you choose, it can be used in either landscape or portrait mode. I've been using one for a while now and there are a few things that I absolutely love about it.

Firstly, it gives you more ways to control your smart home. You can adjust the brightness of the lights on the screen, see what's switched on and where, or show a live stream from your video doorbell. A lot of these features can be added as handy widgets on the home screen which makes them super easy to access by touch as well as by voice.

Another feature I really like is the shared calendar, every member of your household can add in what they're doing and when so everyone can keep up with one another. You don't really know how useful that is until you start using it, for busy homes, it'll be game-changing!

If you end up using this in the kitchen, the recipes are really handy too. Get suggestions based on what you like and follow them on the screen. Or if you know what you're cooking, the display can keep you entertained as you go by streaming TV shows and movies from apps like Netflix, Hulu and Prime Video. 

Finally, something else worth mentioning is that when you aren't using the Echo Show 15, it doubles up as a digital photo frame switching between your chosen photos or pieces of art, which is fantastic! 

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