I own the Amazon Echo Show 5 – here's why you should buy it this Prime Day

The Echo Show 5 is discounted for Amazon Prime Day, and I think it is a great addition to most homes for these reasons

Amazon Echo Show 5 Prime Day
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Of all the Amazon devices I have bought, the one that gets the most use is the Amazon Echo Show 5, which I currently have situated in my kitchen.

And considering I rate it really highly and that it is currently discounted in the best Prime Day deals bonanza, I thought I would explain why I think for most people it would be a good product to pick up.

The Amazon Echo Show 5 is the baby of Amazon's screen-toting smart speaker range, coming with a 5-inch screen. This means that it is really compact and, simply put, fits in to basically any room, and especially considering it comes in three colorways, including Charcoal, Deep Sea Blue and Glacier White.

I have the charcoal version on my black granite kitchen worktop and it blends in seamlessly.

Here are today's best Amazon Prime Day deals on the Echo Show 5, both in its 1st and 2nd generation.

So in my usage case scenario I use the Amazon Echo Show 5 as a kitchen companion. I play music and the radio through it while cooking, watch videos on it while preparing veg, and when I want to try something new I often follow recipes on it as well. Occasionally when I'm taking a break with a drink I'll read a news story on it, or get Alexa to read it to me.

But of course, the beauty with the Amazon Echo Show 5 is that while I'm using it as a kitchen companion, someone else might use it instead as a bedside alarm clock, while another might have it positioned in their living room as the smart home hub they use to control their lighting, heating, security and audio systems, for example.

There's both the Amazon Echo Show 5 1st Gen on the market, as well as the Amazon Echo Show 5 2nd Gen, and both offer a very similar experience to each other (the only real upgrade on the 2nd Gen is a slightly better camera). Both generations are discounted this Amazon Prime Day, too, meaning that there's plenty of options for deal hunters.

There is also the Amazon Echo Show 8 and Amazon Echo Show 10 in this range, which as you would expect deliver larger screens (8-inch and 10-inch respectively), but for me the compact Echo Show 5 is the most versatile and a product I find it easy to recommend from my own experience with it.

Here are today's best prices on the latest models of the Amazon Echo Show 8 and 10, though, just in case you want to compare them.

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