Huge 65-inch LG OLED TV drops to lowest-ever price – and it's a 5-star 2024 model

Get the LG OLED C4 for a low, low price on Amazon now

LG has really spoiled us with its OLED TVs lately, which is why you'll find so many LG models in our list of the best televisions on the planet. What makes them even more appealing are big discounts – and that's exactly what the LG OLED C4 has now been given over at Amazon

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We're specifically talking about the huge 65-inch version of this TV, which should be a suitable size for most homes. You can now pick it up with 22% off at Amazon, which is a great pre-Amazon Prime Day 2024 discount – that's difficult to argue with. Have we checked that it's the lowest price for this TV on Amazon ever? Of course we have!

LG OLED C4 (65-inch): was £2699.99, now $2096.99 at Amazon

LG OLED C4 (65-inch): was £2699.99, now $2096.99 at Amazon

The OLED C4 from LG manages an almost perfect balance between performance, size, features, and price – not a single dollar of your money is wasted here. Contrast, brightness, and motion handling are all top-notch, from any picture source.

You know with an LG OLED TV you're guaranteed super-deep blacks and fantastic picture quality, and this is a set that excels with brightness, color, and contrast. You'll be blown away by the picture you get – especially when you consider the current asking price of the LG OLED C4.

We refer you to our LG OLED C4 review for more superlatives about this set. In that review we described it as offering "dynamic picture performance" and a "stylish design", with the TV offering "a peerless 4K OLED at this level". Even the built-in webOS smart software impresses.

It's not just for movies and shows either, because the LG OLED C4 does really well in terms of gaming as well. All four HDMI ports support 4K at 120Hz playback, which means they can utilize next-gen consoles to the max, and there's support for Nvidia G-Sync, AMD Freesync, and a 144Hz refresh rate for PC gamers too.

In short, it's a brilliant OLED TV for all kinds of people, and even more so when it's down by almost a quarter from its original price. If you've been waiting to upgrade the primary TV in your home, this could be the perfect opportunity for one of the best OLEDs currently available.

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