How to set a spooky scene using Philips Hue smart lighting

Hosting a Halloween party? Philips Hue can help

Philips Hue halloween set up
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For spooky season lovers, Halloween is so much more than just sweets. From placing pumpkins outside your door to carefully curated cobwebs across mantle pieces, the right Halloween decorations can get your space in the spooky spirit and  show off your personal style. We're huge fans of Halloween at T3 (check out our terrifying techie tricks and treats) and what better way than smart lighting to do the trick? 

Philips Hue offers a range of lighting products that can bewitch your trick-or-treaters or give your guests a fright by turning your home into your favourite type of Halloween haunt. Whether you're going for a ghoulish graveyard, witch's den or a monster's mansion, you can achieve that ultimate spooky feeling with the right indoor and outdoor Halloween lights.  

Philips Hue have a whole array of lighting that can be installed in your home and garden, all able to display over 16 million colour shades and controlled through the ease of your phone! Additionally, all of the brand's lighting can be controlled via Bluetooth through you Alexa or Google Nest, giving you a seamless experience.  

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1. Light up that pumpkin!

Philips hue pumpkin

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No one likes a rotting pumpkin - or a fire hazard! Why don't you opt for a faux pumpkin and place the portable  Hue Go inside, setting it to a creepy orange glow. You could even use the Hue Labs Candlelight scene for a more realistic feel.  Use the lantern inside too to create that additional spooky feeling during a Halloween movie night

2. Turn your front garden into a graveyard  

Philips hue halloween

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Using cardboard and spray paint, why don't you create a cemetery in your front garden? Place your Lily spot lights between headstones to cast light and shadows, creating a spine-chilling spectacle.  

You could also use smart lighting to illuminate your front path, meaning only the bravest trick-or-treaters will dare to approach! Set an ominous tone with the  Outdoor Lightstrip which allows you to use any one of millions of colours (some favourites are orange, purple or green) to creep out your Halloween visitors.  

3. Illuminate your home to make it spooky yet exciting

Philips Hue halloween

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Light up the Festavia string lights as a perfect Halloween decoration for indoor and outdoor use. Create a spooky gradient of colour along the entire string, or use one colour to create a more intense, scary look. Drape them around your fireplace, bannister or kitchen cupboards for the light to reach every corner of your home!

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