How to make the perfect outdoor dining space using smart lighting

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Whilst it's been a bit wet in the UK recently, the sun is set to return in the next few weeks! If you're like me, you'll be raring to get back outside and start havng your friends over once again. Whether you've got a good barbecue or a nice outdoor seating area, the time has come to take the indoors out and create the perfect space for the warmth ahead. 

Creating a nice outdoor space may seem daunting at first so once you've got your equipment, starting with the right lighting is a good place to begin! Smart LED lights add an extra ‘oomph’ to events, no matter how casual. Your summer get-together can become even more special thanks to the simple addition of light enhancing the vicinity.

We've spoken with the experts at Philips Hue who have shared how their products can inspire you this summer as well as which ones you should pick if you're just starting out. Have a look!

Oh before we begin, check out these 5 mistakes everyone makes with their Philips Hue set up so you know not to do the same!

1. Illuminate your favourite spots

The Lily Spotlight is a great place to begin if you're setting up your outdoor space for your guests, especially as it highlights your favourite outdoor features. Simply connect the smart outdoor spotlights into any standard wall socket using the included low-voltage power supply to get millions of shades of white or coloured light in your garden. Illuminate your favourite elements of the garden and show them off to your guests with vibrant spotlights of colour. Remember to get the Hue bridge if you're interested as it's required for set up. 

Philips Hue lily spotlight

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2. Add light to focal points

A strip light is an easy, subtle way to add light to the focal points of your garden. The Philips Hue Outdoor lightstrip is ideal for direct and indirect lighting – it is easy to install, allows you to personalise your outdoor space and create a unique outdoor space. Place them along the edge of your patio to create a fun, surprising burst of colour — one of 16 million, to be exact — and help your space feel bigger. Show off those beautiful plants you've been maintaining all summer! The Hue bridge is again required for set up.

philips hue outdoor light strip

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3. Light up your walkways

The Appear Outdoor Wall Light is another great lighting option that can be connected to your existing Hue bridge to create ambience. It can illuminate the walls and lead your guests to where they'll be spending the evening, perfect for the evenings! As it's compatible with Alexa, Google Assistant and Apple HomeKit, you can also control it without even having to leave your seat! The Hue bridge is again required for set up. 

Appear Outdoor Wall Light

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4. Wash the walls with colour

Wash large expanses of your outdoor spaces, such as fences, walls and hedges, with white and colour light. Part of the LowVolt system, the Amarant Linear outdoor light connects to a Philips Hue power supply unit and can even be connected to one another, creating a continuous wall of light. The built-in metal shield directs light upwards and out, creating an even spread of light across large surfaces – and eliminating harsh glare. This Philips Hue outdoor fixture is specially designed for use in outdoor environments and has undergone rigorous tests to ensure its performance. The Hue bridge is required for set up.

Amarant Linear outdoor light

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5. Use portable lighting 

Turn your personal space into all kinds of special by exploring endless combinations of soft light and colourful gradients. The Hue Go Portable Table Lamp lets you take smart light with you from the living room to the patio table, or anywhere inside and outside your home. The portable table lamp is designed for indoor and outdoor use and features a silicone grip, making it easy to carry wherever you need light. We think this is a wonderful option for outdoor lighting - it even received 5 stars in our review

Hue Go Portable Table Lamp

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Want some more advice? Check out these outdoors smart lighting options approved by an expert! 

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