How to create your own official Google Android Bot

Build a bot that represents you

Android Bot
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Ever wanted to know what you'd look like as a robot? Well you can now express yourself and create your very own Android bot avatar. 

We live in an age of digital avatars. Ever since Nintendo Mii's companies have been keen to give us a chance to create digital representations of ourselves. Since then we've had Xbox Avatars, Snapchat bitmojis and plenty of others. Probably the least accurate and most fun however is this new tool from Google that lets you create your own Android bot. 

As you can see, with mine I've gone for Paddington Bear vibes but then decided to give him an Apple Vision Pro to explore the world with (ok it's probably just a pair of ski goggles). Try not to get jealous. 

If you think you can beat my marvellous creation simply head to the Android website where you can start to customise your bot. Here you can choose from different materials (including a tennis ball and a fish tank) and then add clothing (including the catsuit from Kill Bill), accessories and finally a prop to top it all off. 


(Image credit: Google)

It reminds me a bit of the character creator from the popular game Among Us but you can actually download the results and even get a QR code for your new robot friend. I just think it's a shame that you can't get them made Build-a-Bear style into cuddly toys!

Why do we need to do this? The answer is you don't but it's a little bit of fun made to celebrate Mobile World Congress (MWC) starting next week in Barcelona. We expect to see lots of exciting announcements made at one of the biggest events of the year. In fact, we already are expecting to see a new phone from Nothing, and maybe even a transparent laptop? Of course, we'll be there and on top of everything as it happens. 

Andy Sansom
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