You have to see (or not) this upcoming laptop to believe it

Lenovo set to announce a unique laptop at MWC

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I remember as a teenager my brother got a phone with a transparent slide-out keyboard, the LG Crystal. Needless to say, I was incredibly jealous and assumed that by now some 15 (fifteen!) years later we'd all be using transparent tech in everything. That's not the case. After CES 2024 however, we have seen Samsung and LG (again) push the technology once again with see-through TVs. But that's not all. 

According to our friends at Windows Report Lenovo is set the show off a transparent laptop at MWC 2024, held at the end of this month. The pictures of the machine look stunning and remind us a tad of the ASUS Zenbook Duo and other dual-screen laptops. 

The top screen is the undoubted star of the show. Completely see-through and with no bezels at all it looks like an incredible achievement. The base of the laptop does have a bezel running around it and a frame all-round it, presumably for the ports and to have something to hold. It also looks like this bottom display will feature a touchscreen-style keyboard, unlike the magnetically detachable physical one seen in the Zenbook Duo. 

Lenovo transparent laptop

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So if it's almost all screen, where exactly is the computer? Well, they look to be housed in the machine's hinge which is an ingenious use of space. What kind of specs components of that size can produce remains to be seen, but given that any laptop with transparent displays will be very expensive, it will need to compete with the best lightweight laptops. We do know at least that it will run Windows 11. 

For now, however, price isn't a concern as the machine supposedly set to be displayed at MWWC is almost certainly a proof of concept and not actually on sale. 

Windows Report has also spied a handful of other Lenovo machines rumoured to be debuting at MWC but we have to admit it's the transparent one we can't wait to see (or not see).

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