Home workouts don't get much better than this full-body, fat-burning home bodyweight monster

Home gym gear is hard to come by – just as well this workout from Grenade ambassador Nathan McCallum needs none

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Looking for a great home workout that doesn't need of equipment? We don't blame you – the best home gym gear is in short supply, and we've all got a lot of time on our hands. And cupboards full of tinned goods to eat.

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The news that all gyms and leisure centres would close for the foreseeable future came as quite a shock to anyone used to pounding the treadmill or hammering the weights at least three or four times a week. Exercise is not only good for our physical health, but also our mental wellbeing, as those used to a solid heart-pumping session will likely be missing the positive vibes felt thanks to the release of endorphins post-workout.

That doesn't mean it's time to give up on a fitness regime, because there is plenty you can do at home, even if you lack equipment.

Nathan McCallum's ultimate home bodyweight workout

"Can’t get access to a gym right now? That’s ok, no need to panic. I got you covered with this at home workout! Now, more than ever we need to prioritise our health and fitness. Just because the gym shuts down, doesn’t mean your gains have to," he explains.⠀

Do the following workout as a circuit, limiting the rest time between each exercise, and complete three rounds before you throw in the towel!

Spider-Man Push-Ups x 10

Get in a regular push-up position, palms on the floor, hands slightly wider than shoulder-width apart. Take the weight on your arms and lower the body, keeping the elbows fairly tucked in (don't flare them), while simultaneously bringing the knees out to the side of the body and up to meet the elbow. Like Spider-Man climbing up a skyscraper. Alternate left and right sides each rep.

Jumping Lunge x 10

Stand in a split-squat stance, right thigh at a right angle to the floor, left leg extended  behind you with the ball of your left foot on the floor. Lower the torso towards the floor, bending the right knee so it doesn't wander over your toes, now explode upwards and jump, swapping the legs in the process. 

Russian Twist x 20

Place a mat or a towel on the floor to protect your coccyx. Now get in a sit up position but extend your legs out front and raise your heels off the floor. Find a balance point and then rotate the torso so you can touch the finger tips onto the floor by your side. Keep your balance and rotate in the opposite direction, tap your fingers and repeat.

Keep this up and you'll look like fellow Grenade ambassador Nathan Williams by the time this is all over

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Plyo Push-Up X 10

Essentially, this is a push-up with a more explosive second phase, meaning that when you press the torso and chest upwards, you do so with enough force to allow your palms to raise off the ground. If this is too tricky in standard push-up pose, try doing it on your knees instead.

Jump Squat x 10

Stand feet around shoulder-width apart, toes turned outwards slightly. Squat down so the thighs are parallel to the floor, keeping the black straight, hingeing through the hips and sticking your booty out. On the way up, press through the heels with enough force to jump off the ground. 

Wall Mountain Climbers x 20

This will take some practice and serious upper body strength, but you've got time to develop those, right? Get in a push-up position near a wall and climb that wall with your feet. Now, bring a knee up towards your chest and lower back towards the wall in a smooth, controlled motion. Repeat on the other side and be prepared to touch up the paintwork.

Building abs isn't just about endless crunches 

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Ninja Squat x 10

Assume a kneeling position, as if you were praying at an imaginary alter. Ensure the balls of your feet are in contact with the floor and now explosively leap from this position to the bottom phase of a standard squat and stand. Repeat. 

Pike Push-Up x 10

From a standard push-up position, walk your feet backwards and rest your weight on the balls of your feet. Stick your butt in the air, creating a nice straight line running down your back towards the floor. Now attempt to lower your forehead to the floor, pressing with your arms but ensuring the elbows are tucked in and point directly behind you, rather than flaring out to the sides. 

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