Google Pixel Watch just got its first free update

The patch should fix bugs with the smartwatch’s integration with Fitbit

Google Pixel Watch
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Just over a month after the Google Pixel Watch went on sale, the smartwatch has received its first software update. Unless you count the update that actually arrived before the watch did...

Regardless, Google has just refreshed its support page to show what the new software update has in store. And, while it doesn’t bring much in the way of new features, the update shows Google is committed to hunting down and removing any early bugs that could hamper the first few weeks of the Pixel Watch’s life.

Posting earlier this week, Google community manager Stefanie Frederick said the update began rolling out on 14 November, but that it could take a few weeks before it has landed on every Pixel Watch.

The update includes bug fixes and improvements to the Pixel Watch’s Fitbit integration, as well as fixes to eSim support and a change to how the watch’s 3D tutorial works.

Here’s what Google says, in its own words, is included in the update:


Fitbit integration setting is now available on the App’s home screen.

Fitbit is easy to set up through a single tap from within the Pixel Watch App.

Fitbit sync information is accessible from the home screen.


Bug fixes related to the eSim setup.

Tips and Support

The 3D tutorial of the Watch is now available after OOBE in the “Tips & support” section.

Google Pixel Watch

(Image credit: Google)

The focus here is on making it easier for Pixel Watch users to set up the device with Fitbit, the exercise and fitness tracking company Google acquired for $2.1bn in 2019. Bugs concerning the setup of a virtual eSim have also been removed by the update, and owners can now opt to view the watch’s 3D tutorial at any time, instead of only during the device’s initial setup process.

It could be a few weeks before the update arrives on your Pixel Watch. Or, you can check for the new software manually by opening the Pixel Watch app on your phone, then tapping your profile picture or initials in the top-right corner. Now tap on ‘Manage apps & device’ then go to the ‘Updates available’ section and tap ‘see details’. If the new update for Pixel Watch is listed, tap on ‘Update’ to begin the downloading and installation process.

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