Here's the Motorola Razr 50 Ultra in the flesh, and Samsung should start worrying

Motorola Razr 50 Ultra leak
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The Motorola Razr 50 Ultra is due to be launched any day now, and a new leak shows the upcoming handset in some detail. And if Motorola has solved the flaws that let down its otherwise very impressive Razr 40 Ultra, Samsung could have reason to worry. We thought that the 40 knocked the Galaxy Z Flip 4 out of its orbit.

The newly leaked image, obtained by 91mobiles, shows the front and back of the unfolded foldable. It's powered off but it's clear that design-wise, not much has changed. There's the same dual horizontal camera setup and the same hinged design, and what looks like a similarly large front screen – one of the best things about the 40. 

Motorola Razr 50 Ultra: key features and specifications

We're expecting the Razr 50 Ultra to come in one configuration and three colours: 12GB of RAM with 512GB of storage, and a choice of blue, orange and green colours. It's hard to tell from the images we've seen so far but the 50 is believed to be slimmer and more flexible than before, and rumours also say that there will be significantly improved battery life.

The current model's Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 CPU is likely to be replaced with something newer, which will of course improve performance. Hopefully it and the slimmer case will also have improved the thermal handling, which we found to be slightly problematic with the Razr 40 Ultra: we encountered throttling and heat issues that as we said in our review, sometimes "can cause the (otherwise decent) battery life to bomb)."

We don't know the price of the Razr 50 Ultra as yet but at launch its predecessor was priced at £1,049 in the UK and AU$1,499 in Australia; there was a slightly different version for the US, the Razr+, which was $999. We'd expect the new model to be priced similarly, and as ever you'll be able to get various contract deals to spread the cost. 

We rate the current Razr Ultra highly: it has the biggest and most responsive screen of the current crop of clamshells, and that larger cover display is genuinely useful. If Motorola has improved the thermal stuff this could be a serious rival to Samsung's best folding phones.

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