Harry Styles launches three Pleasing fragrances and I want them all

Harry Styles adds to his Pleasing brand with new genderless perfumes

Harry Styles at the Bafta Awards, Pleasing fragrances
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Singer, actor and former member of One Direction (a.k.a one of my favourite childhood bands), Harry Styles has just launched his own fragrance collection. Made up of three scents, the new eau de parfums are inspired by time, place and memory, and I think I need them all!

As part of Styles’ Pleasing brand, the three new fragrances complete the line-up of nail polishes, clothing and skincare. Created in collaboration with the French fragrance house, Robertet, the result is three genderless scents that are vegan, cruelty-free and made from consciously harvested materials.

The three new fragrances are called Bright, Hot, Rivulets and Closeness. Designed to be genderless, the Pleasing scents are unisex so everyone and anyone can wear and love them (but if you’re looking for something specific, make sure to check out our guides to the best perfumes for women and the best fragrances for men for our top picks).

As stated on the Pleasing website, the scents “embody simplicity, innovation, creativity and beauty.” The fragrances come in rounded square bottles complete with circular ball tops, similar to Styles’ line of nail polishes. The bottles may be simple and understated but the fragrances promise to be anything but.

Starting with Bright, Hot, the fragrance comes in an (unsurprisingly) bright orange bottle. Part of the amber fragrance family, the scent has top notes of plum and tobacco leaves, heart notes of orris butter and marine accord, and base notes of amber, cedarwood, vanilla and tonka bean. This combination gives a woody, sweet and spicy scent and like all the new Pleasing perfumes, the bottle is beautiful to display.

Pleasing fragrances

L: Bright, Hot / C: Rivulets / R: Closeness

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The Rivulets eau de parfum has a blue bottle and is part of the floral fragrance family. Fresh and fruity, the perfume has layers of lemon, black pepper Madagascar, white linen accord, skin musk, poplin blossom and ambroxan running through the top, heart and base notes. It’s described as “evocative and addictive.”

The third and (hopefully not) final scent is Closeness. In the woody family, the fragrance already looks darker than the others, mainly with its deep brown-black bottle. Ideal for musk lovers, Closeness is made up of cardamom, orris butter, bamboo, salted musk, Australian pink pepper extract and Indian papyrus.

Fragrances is a fun venture for Styles to venture into after the success of the Pleasing brand. It’ll be interesting to see the reception to the new scents and as the website notes, these are “the first three fragrances from Pleasing” so we might be seeing more in the future.

Priced at £135 each for 100ml, all three scents are available to buy on the Pleasing website and are exclusively available at Selfridges.

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