Happy Valley creator's next show is a Disney+ fantasy adventure

Could it be the next must-watch?

Renegade Nell
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Of course, new star names and faces are popping up all of the time in television, but there's nothing quite like having a track record of people who've worked on some of the most successful shows in UK TV history. 

That's what has my attention piqued about the upcoming Disney+ series Renegade Nell. It has the honour of being written by Sally Wainwright, creator of the superb Happy Valley, and stars Louisa Harland of the equally incredible Derry Girls (she plays the brilliant, if slightly out-of-it, Orla). What a combination eh? 

Releasing on the streaming service on the 29th of March, Renegade Nell follows "Nell Jackson, a quick-witted and courageous young woman," who "finds herself framed for murder and unexpectedly becomes the most notorious outlaw in 18th-century England. " we've all had weekends like that.

The teaser above shows that things are also set to take a turn for the supernatural. Nell has some Matrix style reflexes and superhuman abilities and is guided by a magical spirit called Billy Blind who helps her realize "her destiny is bigger than she ever imagined". He is played by another star of one the biggest shows out there, Ted Lasso's Nick Mohammed (sporting a fetching pair of wings).

If you were hoping for a crossover with one of Wainwright's other incredible shows, Gentleman Jack, you're likely out of luck. That series takes place in the 19th century, but I'm excited for a good old-fashioned adventure and I'm sure Wainwright will bring her usual mix of quick-wit and devastating drama across the eight-part series. It's great to see Disney+ going big on another UK series too, it has big boots to fill with two of its other UK series, Culprits and Extraordinary (which returns in March) among the best shows of 2023.  

Andy Sansom
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