Got a new iOS or Android device? Here's all the guides, accessories, and apps you need to get started

Just got yourself a new iPhone, iPad, Android Phone, or Apple Watch? Head this way to discover what you need to do next...

It's Christmas Day! And with any luck, you've just unwrapped a shiny new smartphone, tablet or smartwatch. You lucky thing.

If you've turned it on, set it up, but are wondering what to do next - we've got you covered. 

Here you'll find tips and tricks for your new device, as well as some much have accessories, apps and cases to spend your Christmas money on!

Best Cases

Got a new smartphone for Christmas? The first thing you're going to want to do is slap a protective case on it. It'll only end in tears if you don't!

Samsung S7: These are the best Samsung Galaxy S7 cases

iPhone 7: These are the best iPhone 7 cases

iPhone 6S: These are the best iPhone 6S cases

 iPhone SE: These are the best iPhone SE cases 

Best battery cases: These are the best battery cases for iPhone and Android smartphones

Best Apps

Right, that's protection sorted; now you need to fill that new device up with apps. We've got every device here covered, with some more specific needs as well, such as the best sat nav apps, and photo editing apps.

iOS: These are the best iOS apps

Apple Watch Apps: These are the best Apple Watch apps

iPhone apps: These are the best iPhone apps

iPad apps: These are the best iPad apps

Android Apps: These are the best Android apps

Sat nav apps: hThese are the best sat nav apps for any smartphone

10 awesome augmented reality apps that are out-of-this-world

Find your inner Spielberg with these movie-making phone apps

Top iPhone 7 photo apps: edit and tweak your images like a pro

7 stellar gadgets and apps for starry-eyed astronomers

The best VR apps for the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Samsung Gear VR

Best Accessories

Now you've got a new device there are so many ways to personalise the experience. You can get charging docks, watch straps, matching bluetooth headphones. Check out the best accessories here:

iPhone 7 Lightning and Bluetooth Accessories: These are the best iPhone 7 accessories

iPhone and iPad Accessories: These are the best accessories for any iPhone or iPad

Apple Watch Bands: These are the best Apple Watch Bands

Apple Watch Accessories: These are the best Apple Watch accessories

Bluetooth headphones: These are the best Bluetooth headphones

Tips and Tricks

Now it's time to master your new device. Here we've collected guides and features which might teach you a thing or two.

Android Nougat: 7 Tips to make the most of Android

iOS 10: Master your new iPhone 

iOS 10: Ultimate guide to the iPhone 7 lock screen

Smartphone tricks to impress your friends

Tips for Kindle: 7 Essential tips to get more from your new Kindle

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