GoPro teases new affordable Session camera for 2018

GoPro CEO himself reveals the future for the action camera company

GoPro is setting up to release a new affordable action camera like its Session to start off 2018.

Speaking at a company earnings call the GoPro CEO, Nick Woodman, said that despite up and down sales of late, the company would be starting 2018 “with a bang”. He may have been referring to not just one but a selection of new GoPro cameras.

The GoPro Session, an affordable model, has been selling really well to the point of stock running out. That’s why this is the end of the market that the company will be targeting with its new GoPro camera. But it looks like this model could be even better as COO CJ Porter said: “In 2018 we’ve got a new product to address that entry level which we’re even more excited about than Session, because it’s an even better form factor for that price point.”

It sounds like this camera will continue to focus on what GoPro is good at rather than taking on new potential competition from the likes of Google Clips. In fact Woodman pointed out that the company’s drop in stock price when Google announced the static AI-powered camera was a knee-jerk reaction.

He said Clip may have “very different use cases,” and that “It’s generally designed for more static use cases than a GoPro” -  suggesting GoPro will continue to focus on what it knows best.

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