GoPro's free Quik editing app is finally available for macOS users

Quik is coming to desktop! Plus, new Premium+ membership announced for 'advanced' creators

GoPro launches Quik desktop app and new Premium+ subscription tier
(Image credit: GoPro)

Today, GoPro announced the initial release of a macOS desktop version of its mobile app, Quik, and a new Premium+ GoPro subscription tier offering additional features and benefits beyond GoPro Premium.

The Quik app is a hallmark of GoPro's offering, making editing your action camera footage on your smartphone easy. The app has a ton of user-friendly features, including beat sync, which automatically matches your edit points to the rhythm of your soundtrack, auto highlight, and more.

GoPro subscribers can also benefit from auto camera-to-cloud upload of their latest GoPro footage, unlimited cloud storage of their GoPro footage at original quality, auto highlight videos sent to their phones, intuitive cloud editing and media management tools, and more.

"Quik's auto-editing experience represents a convenient starting point for new creators, and our more advanced editing tools and ongoing developments in AI and computer vision ensure pro-minded users will enjoy enhanced capability as we continue to update our apps," says GoPro Founder and CEO Nicholas Woodman.

GoPro launches Quik desktop app and new Premium+ subscription tier

(Image credit: GoPro)

The new GoPro Premium+ subscription tier, which costs twice as much as GoPro Premium, includes all Premium features plus a HyperSmooth Pro video stabilisation tool for advanced users and an additional 500GB of cloud storage for footage captured with any camera to this features list.

As you can tell, the GoPro Premium+ is geared towards pros and not GoPro enthusiasts. The GoPro Hero 12 Black added several pro features, including LUT support for more control and colour grading in post-production and the ability to wireless timecode sync an unlimited number of Hero 12 Black cameras for easy multicamera editing.

As such, it makes sense for GoPro to improve its post-processing game in the Quik app instead of relying on third-party applications such as Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premier.

The Quik desktop app is available at no additional charge to GoPro subscribers, and it is said to sync with the Quik mobile app effortlessly. GoPro says the Windows version is "coming later this year."

GoPro Premium+ membership costs $100/ £100 a year. GoPro Premium membership is $50/ £50. GoPro Premium membership is currently half-price. For more info, visit GoPro today.

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