GoPro Hero 10 falls to Black Friday-level price thanks to this brilliant action camera deal

Get your hands on this cracking deal before it's gone

GoPro Hero 10
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If a GoPro has been on your wishlist for a while, then you’re in luck. The GoPro Hero 10, one of the best action cameras, has taken a plummet in price and is now as low as it was during the Black Friday sales. Now, you can get your hands on it for £249.99 at Currys – that’s a £100 saving! Pretty good if you ask us… 

We know it may not be the newest GoPro on the scene, but don’t be fooled into thinking the GoPro 10 isn't not worthy of your time, because it’s still an excellent action camera. As noted in our 5-star GoPro Hero 10 Black review: it offers everything the GoPro Hero 9 Black did but with a slew of extras, some merely nice to have, others more fundamental. "Faster, more powerful, lighter and with a vastly better hydrophobic lens, the GoPro Hero 10 Black might be iterative, but it is best," we concluded. 

GoPro Hero 10: was £349.99, now £249.99

GoPro Hero 10: was £349.99, now £249.99

The Hero 10 Black uses the powerful GP2 that adds speed and slickness to the already extremely capable action camera. This compact device also features an improved hydrophobic lens, as well as upgraded horizon levelling, which helps keep footage stable, no matter what. 

As well as a boost in image quality, what makes the GoPro Hero 10 so exciting is the inclusion of the GP2 chip. This helps the camera flash through all its different tasks with ease and is the first new GoPro chipset since 2017. Not to mention, there’s also been plenty of updates since the GoPro Hero 10 launched back in 2021. Want to take a deeper dive into the amazing features this camera has to offer? Checkout our full-depth review linked above, or see how it compares to its successors using our best GoPro guide.  

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