Google Pixel Watch just got an excellent Fitbit upgrade

One of Fitbit's best premium features is now available on the Pixel Watch

Google Pixel Watch
(Image credit: Google)

Google's Pixel Watch is a very impressive Wear OS smartwatch, and one of the best smartwatches you can buy. And it's just got even better, because thanks to Google's acquisition of Fitbit it's getting one of the best features previously only available to the best Fitbit devices.

The new feature is called Sleep Profiles, and it was rolled out to Fitbit Premium users earlier this year. It's a monthly analysis of your sleep habits that provides useful information and, er, helps you determine your sleep animal.

What do Pixel Watch sleep profiles do?

The analysis looks at ten different sleep metrics including sleep duration, bedtime consistency and sleep disruption, and it'll tell you how your sleep compares to other people of similar age and gender.

As for the sleep animal, that's a cute way of describing particular types of sleeper – so for example a giraffe (22.8% of users, Google says) is "someone who doesn't get a lot of sleep but sleeps solidly when they do." Apparently I'm a dolphin, with an erratic sleep schedule and the occasional life-saving nap.

According to Google, "If you wore your Google Pixel Watch to sleep for at least 14 nights in October, you will receive your first Sleep Profile and animal on November 22. If you start wearing your watch to bed today, you’ll get your results for the month of November on December 1."

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