Google Pixel users are getting another nifty free software upgrade

The flagship Android phones are set to get a suite of neat updates

Google Pixel 8 Pro review
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When it comes to Android phones, there are a wealth of different options available to users. It seems like every five minutes there's a new model from another brand looking to tempt you away from your hard-earned cash.

If you're looking for a model which seamlessly fuses software and hardware performance, though, there really is only one option. Google devices – like the recently unveiled Google Pixel 8 Pro – are the only ones available with both hardware and software manufactured by the folks at Google.

Now, users of those handsets – as well as other devices like the Google Pixel Tablet, the Google Pixel Fold and the Google Pixel Watch – are getting a nifty free software upgrade. That comes in the form of the Pixel feature drop, with a host of new features coming to devices every quarter.

The Pixel 8 Pro sees the bulk of the love. In particular, those devices will enjoy a new feature called Video Boost. This uses computational videography to improve the quality of your video footage. All of that happens off-device, with the changes being made before a new version being downloaded onto your device.

Then, there's another feature called Gemini Nano. That's the next generation of Google's AI work, which is set to go toe-to-toe with ChatGPT. That's now going to power a host of features on the device, like smart replies and summarisations.

It's not just the Pro model which sees a boost, though. The regular Google Pixel 8 also gains a feature called Night Sight Timelapse. This allows users to take timelapse videos in low light with better quality than the standard Timelapse mode.

There are a whole host of other feature upgrades coming, too. That includes other devices like the Fold and the Tablet. The full blog post from Google gives all the details needed.

It's a decent upgrade, though, and one which should excite Pixel phone users. These updates should be appearing on devices right now, so be sure to keep an eye out over the coming days and weeks. 

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