Goldmund's stunning wireless speakers look like they've beamed down from space

As luxurious as speakers get

Goldmund Asteria, Rhea and Theia speakers
(Image credit: Goldmund)
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The trio of new luxury speakers from Goldmund have the skills, looks and prices to match.

The Asteria, Rhea and Theia are capable of high-end wireless audio playback and start at a cool £89,000 / $95,000.

Super high-end audio brand Goldmund has unveiled a trio of floorstanding wireless speakers that certainly look a bit different to the norm.

Named after gods and titans from Greek mythology, Asteria, Rhea, and Theia are something to behold. They are inspired by the brand's flagship speaker, Gaia, and resemble a cross between a modernist's take on a monolith and a Doctor Who villain from the 60s. They are also packed with premium tech to ensure they sound as good as they look.

That's because, hidden beneath the stark, silver-grey aluminium alloy exterior are multiple drivers, plus a woofer in each speaker.

Theia is 158cm heigh and therefore the largest of the three. It features one soft dome tweeter, a 4-inch high medium driver, plus a 6-inch low medium driver. There's a 12-inch woofer in the base.

A built-in Telos amplifier offers power outputs at 175W per driver, plus 350W for the woofer alone – a total of 875W. Inputs are simple, with just a single digital S/PDIF. The other way to feed it music is through its wireless connection.

That's the same with the other two speakers in the range.

The Rhea is 135cm tall and is the middle-sized of the trio. It sports a soft dome tweeter plus a single 7-inch medium driver. The same 12-inch woofer is on board too.

Telos amplification is present again, but this time with a total power output of 650W.

And finally, the Asteria stands the shortest, at 110cm. It also sports a soft dome tweeter and 7-inch medium driver, but reduces the woofer size a touch, to 9-inch. The whole unit is capable of 600W of amplified power.

We don't have details on wireless standards that are accepted by each of the speakers, but they can run independently and are capable of 24-bit / 96kHz through each speaker's DSP.

Prices are up to Goldmund's usual lofty standards, with the Asteria available for £89,000 / $95,000, the Rhea at £137,000 / $150,000, and the Theia carrying a ticket of £275,000 / $300,000 – that's per speaker.

Still, each is such a statement piece that those who can afford them will likely love them.

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