Gillette is taking up to £105 off their heated razor starter kits this month

Trim your beard with the comfort of a heated blade and save big in the process

gillette heated razor deal
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As someone who shaves with just hot water and a safety razor, I can tell you first hand that the luxury of a heated blade is something I'd love to give a try. Unfortunately for me, this offer is only available for our friends in the UK so I'll have to stick to my old routine. However, if I could I'd jump on this offer in a heartbeat.

Taking up to £105 off the GilletteLabs heated razor starter kit, this is an excellent offer on a razer that not only cuts it close but does so with a level of comfort most blades out there just can't provide. Available in four kit sizes, each with varying amounts of blades included, Gillette's offer is an excellent Christmas gift idea for the bearded family members in your life – be it man or woman.

GilletteLabs Heated Razor Starter Kit: now starting at £74.99

GilletteLabs Heated Razor Starter Kit: now starting at £74.99
Available in four kits (starter only, 8 blade, 16 blade and 32 blade), GilletteLabs innovative heated razor is an impressive trimming tool for the prestigious shavers out there. Save upwards of £105 now through the end of December.

Featuring a unique stainless steel warming bard with adjustable temperature levels, the GilletteLabs heated razor has been engineered to deliver the feel of a hot towel shave with each and every stroke. For those who haven't had the luxury, think of GilletteLabs heated razor as the closest and cleanest shave you'll ever have paired with the soothing comfort of a warm towel with each pass you make.

Enough with the what this razor can do, let's get down to the savings. There are four kits available from razor only, and 8 blade kit, a 16 blade kit and a 32 blade kit. For the value, the 32 blade kit is going to be your best option. This offers the most savings and provides plenty of blades to last upwards of 6 months to a year if you shave frequently.

If you're someone who just touches up here and there, then the 8 and 16 blade kits offer a great deal for the price. Gillette razors tend to last quite a bit if taken care of, so these two kits can easily last upwards of 6+ months if you're shaving frequently. The starter kit only, which comes with just one backup razor, is a cheap price of entry but the blades are what will get you. I'd recommend grabbing at least the 8 blade kit for the added savings on the blades alone.

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