5 mistakes everyone makes with electric shavers

Do you make any of these mistakes when shaving?

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The best electric shavers are going to be an asset to any shaving routine. Not only are they convenient and easy to use, but they're more sustainable and cost-efficient than traditional razors. Read our comparison guide between an electric shave and a manual shave if you don't believe us. 

However, knowing how to properly use one and maintain it is extremely important, especially for prolonging the shaver's lifetime. There are still a lot of people out there that make the same mistakes everyday, and if your skin is looking a little red and irritated after a shave, you might be one of them.

To help you out, I've summarised the top five common mistakes that everyone makes with their electric shaver. Keep reading to find out what they are and how to fix them. 

1. Applying too much pressure

You may think that the more pressure you apply to your face, the closer the shave. Whilst this may be true with manual shavers, it couldn't be further from the truth with electric shavers. Pressing too hard will only lead to irritation and nasty nicks and cuts, making your skin even more sensitive for the next time you shave. Be light with your technique and your face will thank you for it. 

2. Not cleaning it properly

As electric shavers are often in contact with soap and water, many people assume that they don't need regular cleaning. It's actually an extremely important thing to do, and has been shown to prolong its life and ensure optimal performance. There are multiple ways to clean your electric shaver, but if yours is waterproof, check out our step-by-step guide to cleaning an electric shaver for more information. 

3. Using the wrong motion

There are a variety of correct shaving motions to follow that depend on the type of shaver you own, meaning it can be easy to adopt the wrong one. For example, rotary shavers are designed to follow the contours of your face so they require a circular motion. On the other hand, foil shavers should be used against the grain for a more precise finish. 

4. Switching between electric and manual shavers

Manual shavers scrape against the skin when used, removing a thin layer each time. This leaves your skin in a vulnerable state, especially if you're not treating it with the appropriate skincare right after. Electric shavers work in a completely different way, so constantly switching between the two can irritate your face. The best thing to do is choose one kind of shaver, and stick to it. 

5. Never changing the blades 

One of the biggest mistakes people make with electric shavers is failing to change the blades. Electric shaver blades can wear down easily, especially if they're not cleaned properly. Most manufacturers recommend replacing them at least once a year to avoid skin irritation and razor burns. 

Interested in more? Check out our comparison guide between electric shavers and beard trimmers. 

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