Philips Shaver Series 9000 Prestige review: powerful, refined and premium

The Philips Series 9000 Prestige sets the bar for electric shavers with a quality and finish that helps justify its price.

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Philips Shaver Series 9000 Prestige review
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One of the best electric shavers money can buy. Sure it takes a fair amount of money to do that but you get a premium build, close shave, smart features and wireless charging.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Wireless charging

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    Premium design and build quality

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    Cuts longer growth well

  • +

    Wet and dry use

Reasons to avoid
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    Cleaning is tedious

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The Philips Series 9000 Prestige review wouldn't be fair if we didn't start by saying that each generation of the best electric shavers is usually accompanied by a lot of marketing words and very few changes. This model is different, representing a real jump forward in shaver features and quality.

There's no denying the Philips Series 9000 Prestige is a premium model, just look at it in all that shiny metallic glory. Add in the wireless charging and ability to shave even longer beard growth and this becomes compelling enough to look past that otherwise prohibitively expensive price.

The new SH98 shaving head with its freshly designed V-shaped blades plays a big role here but more on that below. While this is good for longer hair shaving, and does offer a beard trimmer head attachment, if you have a beard longer-term then you might want to check out the best beard trimmers specifically. Likewise, if you're a wet shave fan then head over to the best razor options.

All that in mind, read on to find out if this is for you based on the Philips Series 9000 Prestige review.

Philips Series 9000 Prestige review: build quality

Philips Shaver Series 9000 Prestige review

(Image credit: Philips)

That metallic looking premium finish? Yup, it's pure aluminium meaning it feels premium and sturdy yet also remains lightweight. Coming in chrome, matte and black this looks professional and is made to travel with you, fitting in to any bathroom backdrop. Or perhaps standing out, in a good way, is a better way or wording that.

The shell might be metal but there are still rubberised accents, with the back covered in a grippy layer. This is great planning by Philips since this shaver is built for both dry and wet shaves. That means you can use this under the shower and you'll not only be worry free about its waterproofing but also about the chances of you dropping it, which are minimal.

The Prestige lacks a cleaning station. This is quite a big deal here, especially at this price point. Instead of just popping this in and loading the station with cleaning fluid, you have to do the work manually. Granted this is only every couple of months but it's an arduous process. You have to manually dismantle the head and clean the blades and caps separately. Since the blades and cap are a matched pair that means taking out one element at a time so, yup, you have to do it three times.

All that said, this is waterproof so you can just take off the head and get the worst off with a good rinse. We're just being pedantic for the sake of those that want to keep their shaver like new for as long as possible.

That said, the blades themselves use a new V-shaped form which is designed to offer a closer shave both for curly and longer hairs as well as shorter growth. These blades feature self-sharpening tech and a nano coating that makes for great longevity - without the need to add oil - and also aims to care for more sensitive skin. They're also so efficient that the motor works less making for a very quiet shaver.

Philips Series 9000 Prestige review: battery life and running time

Philips Shaver Series 9000 Prestige review

(Image credit: Philips)

Philips uses a lithium ion battery setup in the Series 9000 Prestige which is good for 60 minutes of use. Yup, one whole hour which should last you a few weeks. This is the industry standard, but the Prestige has a special skill.

This shaver charges via a Qi wireless charging pad meaning you just pop it down and it'll get back to full power in just three hours from empty. The lack of wire based faff is really welcome but it does mean no stand, so this takes up a bit more side space than more traditional stand-based charging shavers. But it does look great.

Another nifty feature is an 18 minute quick charge that gets you a full shave from empty, ideal if you're in a hurry. That said, the wired chargers do this in five minutes, so there is a trade off for that wireless ease.

But, should your shaver be fully charged, swap it out for your iPhone and the pad will charge that too.

Philips Series 9000 Prestige review: performance

Philips Shaver Series 9000 Prestige review

(Image credit: Philips)

The closeness of the shave is one of the most important parts here and the Philips Series 9000 Prestige does not disappoint. You get a very close finish with few to no stray hairs, all from very little work and time.

The 9000 Prestige goes beyond the basics as this is built, with those V-shaped blades, to tackle longer hairs too. Thanks to the rotational nature of the shaver you can shave as long as seven days after your last cut. At least that's what Philips says. Since everyone's hair grows at different rates we'd say a more realistic claim is up to five days before this will start tugging at longer hairs.

The clever part is that the shaver is able to detect hair length and adapt its power output accordingly. This means you can shave without changing settings and it will get the job done. That said, you do have the option to pick from three speeds of sensitive, normal and fast. 

The circular caps covering the cutters have an anti-friction coating and there are wider, rounder openings which all adds up to a smoother shave with more hairs caught. There is very little mess as a result and even on more sensitive skin this does a great job of finding that short cut to sensitive skin balance. 

Philips Series 9000 Prestige review: verdict

The Philips Series 9000 Prestige is one of the best electric shavers you can buy right now. It offers a very intelligent shave that means a short finish, tidy collection of hair and a sensitivity that suits all skin types. The fact it looks great, is waterproof and uses wireless charging are just bonuses.

That said, the extra you pay for that wireless charging means a slower charge, even if it is easier without plug-in faff. So if you're the type that wants a quick charge in a last-minute hurry then a plug-in option might be better for you.

For those that leave their shave sometimes and need a shaver that can handle longer growth, this is the option for you. It's also travel-friendly with a pouch, travel lock to stop it from going off in a bag and a handy lift-to-wake LCD screen that keeps you aware of battery life easily.

If you can stretch to the price, this is a fantastic electric shaver with a SmartClick accessory system that will keep this leading your shaving arsenal for years to come.

Before you go, make sure to check out our step-by-step guide on how to clean a waterproof electric shaver

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