Gift guide: Samsung Galaxy S20 FE is the perfect Christmas gift for Android super-fans

This budget smartphone does everything – including taking great pictures

Gift guide: Samsung Galaxy S20 FE is the perfect Christmas gift for Android super-fans
(Image credit: Samsung)

Smartphones are always popular Christmas gifts, and don’t have to cost the earth. The Samsung Galaxy S20 FE is the best value member of Samsung’s Galaxy phone family.

While it lacks a little of the finesse of its pricier siblings, as its case is made of plastic not metal, it’s packed with features, including Samsung’s top-end CPU, a 120Hz Super AMOLED screen and Android 10 operating system.

It also comes with a cracking camera so users can take great pictures and edit them easily. Perhaps most strikingly, the phone also comes in a rainbow of colours, so there’s something to suit everyone.

Who's it for?

Teenagers and university students: The Samsung Galaxy S20 FE the best value member of Samsung’s Galaxy phone family, making it ideal for teenagers, students and anyone who doesn’t need or want the newest (and most expensive) phone or handset with the most features.

Busy people: The handset does everything well and is great for taking photos and watching videos, as well as keeping up with friends and work chores. The Samsung Galaxy S20 FE also supports wireless charging, which is a nice extra for busy people.

Fun lovers: The handset comes lavender, mint orange and red, which is unusual for smartphones with serious features, and excellent for those who like to have fun with their technology and accessories. 

Samsung Galaxy S20 FE

(Image credit: Samsung)

Age range:

There's no official age range for the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE, but with more affordable handsets available, it’s probably best suited to teenagers and adults.

What makes it the ideal Christmas gift?

Good looks: At a glance, the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE looks just like the more expensive members of its family – it’s only if you touch it that you realise it’s plastic. The shape of the device is neatly rectangular with an almost bezel-free 6.5-inch screen and the fact it comes in lots of colours will please many.

A great screen: The handset’s 6.5-inch AMOLED screen doesn’t have the highest resolution out there, but it does have a refresh rate of 120fps, making actions and graphics seem super smooth and users can watch HDR content.

A decent camera: The Samsung Galaxy S20 FE boasts a 12mp main camera and a wide-angle camera. Like other Galaxy handsets, the FE has ‘shooting mode’ that captures 10 photos with one press of the shutter button, plus ‘space zoom’ to magnify a subject up to 30 times, giving photographers lots of chances to get the perfect shot.

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