Ghd’s new hair straighteners are perfect for short hair and fringes

People with short hair are going to love the new ghd Mini hair straighteners

ghd Mini
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ghd has just launched a new pair of hair straighteners, the ghd Mini. Designed for people with shorter hair, the ghd Mini has slimmer plates, dual-zone technology and other exciting styling features.

The ghd Mini is available to buy now for £159.

ghd has recently launched the new ghd Mini, the latest pair of hair straighteners from the iconic hair tool manufacturer. Designed for people with short hair, the ghd Mini has been engineered to sculpt shorter styles, thanks to its slimmer plates and dual-zone heat technology.

ghd are hard to beat when it comes to the best hair straighteners. Always ahead of the curve, ghd is consistently one of the first brands to launch new hair styling concepts, like the ghd Unplugged, a cordless straightener and the ghd Duet Style, its first wet-to-dry styler.

But with its latest launch, ghd is going back to basics and focusing on different hair types, particularly those with short hair. Aptly named the ghd Mini, the new straighteners are tailored towards shorter hair styles for perfect precision, including pixie cuts, bobs and fringes.

For easier styling angles and access to shorter locks, the ghd Mini has 40% slimmer plates when compared to other ghd straighteners like the ghd Gold. Measuring 15mm wide, the ghd Mini full-length plates cater better for smaller sections of hair, and can get closer to the root for extra styling.

ghd Mini

(Image credit: ghd)

Despite their slimmer size, the ghd Mini plates are equipped with dual-zone technology and two heat sensors, one in each plate. The sensors work together to consistently monitor the temperature of the straighteners, ensuring it stays at 185˚C during styling. Not only does this keep the ghd Mini at the best styling heat, but it better protects the hair to leave it looking and feeling healthier.

Speaking of which, the ghd Mini ceramic floating plates have a high gloss coating that eliminates frizz and provides shine. The new straighteners also have a sleep mode feature, so they turn off after 30 minutes of inactivity, so there’s no more worrying about whether you’ve turned them off or not!

The ghd Mini hair straighteners are available to buy now in black at ghd for £159. 

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