GHD's new cordless straighteners can be charged using your smartphone cable

The first-ever cordless stylers from GHD are perfect for travelling

GHD Unplugged styler
(Image credit: GHD)

GHD Unplugged, the brand's first-ever cordless styler, is now available to pre-order in the UK. GHD claim's the new tool is light, portable and powerful, allowing you to top-up your style on the go, without compromising on performance.

Despite being compact, the GHD Unplugged are still a premium product. They heat up in just 45 seconds and provide up to 20 minutes of continuous styling.

Just like every other GHD styling product, Unplugged will heat to a temperature of 185-degrees, which is the ideal balance of being hot enough to style and cold enough to minimise damage to hair through excessive heat.

The stylers can be conveniently charged at home or on the go using the USB-C charging cable – this means it can be charged using the same cable that powers your phone, tablet and laptop.

It also means it can be charged on the go when plugged into your laptop, car, or a portable charger in your bag. Basically, wherever there is a USB socket – you can charge the GHD Unplugged – which is hugely convenient. 

GHD Unplugged styler

(Image credit: GHD)

The Unplugged stylers weigh just 300g (which, according to GHD is 46-percent lighter than other competitors on the market). That means they can be slipped into a bag or suitcase without taking up too much space at all.

The stylers can even be stowed away immediately after use within the heat-resistant carry case, so you can even get a quick style in just before a flight.

Manuele Mameli, Hair Stylist and Glam Artist for Chiara Ferragni states, "GHD unplugged offers a new level of flexibility and creativity for styling…"

"Whether it's styling touch-ups at a photoshoot or a quick style transformation in the back of a taxi during long days at fashion week, unplugged is my new sleek styling essential."

GHD Unplugged is available to pre-order now on GHD's website and will land on UK consumers doorsteps only two weeks from now, on the 15th July. They are priced at £299. Australian customers can buy the GHD Unplugged now for AU$475 with free Australia-wide shipping in both black and white on GHD's Aussie website

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