Get the fisherman look with new 'Overboard Yellow' jackets from Canada Goose

Seawolf, Nanaimo and Seaboard among jackets to get the bright new colourway

(Image credit: Canada Goose)

Ever wondered why fishermen traditionally wear bright yellow jackets?

Although useful for spotting anyone falling overboard, the yellow tint developed over time as flax oil, originally painted onto jackets to waterproof them, discoloured to yellow as it aged.

Newer waterproof fabrics were later developed, but the bright yellow colour stuck, and now Canada Goose is honouring that splash of nautical history with a new colourway for its waterproof jackets.

Appropriately called Overboard Yellow, the colour is offered right across the Canada Goose a range of men's and women's jackets.

This includes the Nanaimo, Seawolf, Seaboard, Pacifica and Salida. Each is made from Canada Goose's Tri-Durance fabric, which is waterproof, windproof and breathable.

Their construction keeps rain out and moves moisture away from the body to help regulate your temperature, while Aquaguard zippers keep the pockets watertight, and there's mech venting with storm flaps for when the weather draws in.

As well as the Overboard Yellow colourway, the jackets feature reflective details on the cuffs and hoods to help visibility in poor weather.

The Overboard Yellow colour options are available from the Canada Goose website now.

Alistair Charlton

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