Get Lamborghini style with the best gaming chair – but you'll have to act fast

The Secretlab for Automobili Lamborghini Pinnacle Edition is the ultimate racing-themed gaming chair

The Secretlab for Automobili Lamborghini Pinnacle Edition infront of a Lamborghini
(Image credit: Secretlab)

When you're on the hunt for the best gaming chair, one brand will crop up time and time again. Secretlab are widely considered to make the best options on the market. Their range is used by top e-sports teams, and you can pick one up for yourself to enjoy the same comfort at home.

If you want the best Secretlab chair on the market, you'll want to take a look at their Automobili Lamborghini Pinnacle Edition. The model – designed in collaboration with the iconic Italian supercar manufacturer – features a premium design inspired by their high-performance cars.

You'll find a carbon fibre panel on the rear of the headrest, shaped to mimic the angular appearance of the brands' vehicles. The seat itself uses Alcantara upholstery, just like the seats of a Lamborghini. It's a soft, suede-like material which exudes luxury.

You'll also spot an Italian flag embroidered on the front-face of the seat itself, and the iconic Lamborghini badge on the backrest. On the carbon fibre panel at the rear, you'll find a plaque detailing the limited edition nature of this chair.

As a run of just 50 worldwide, each features a badge reading "01 di 50" – 1 of 50, if your Italian isn't up to scratch. Of course, for a product this premium and limited in quantity, you'll pay a little more than the going rate.

The Secretlab Automobili Lamborghini Pinnacle Edition will set you back £734 in the UK. That's significantly more than the standard versions of the Secretlab Titan Evo, which will run anywhere between £399 and around £550 depending on your choice of spec.

With that being said, I still think this is a great deal. The Alcantara upholstery alone is a significant boost, offering the same level of comfort you'll find in a six-figure supercar. You simply cannot find that anywhere else.

You'll also enjoy the exclusivity that comes with a product as limited as this. With just 50 units going on sale, you'll be part of one of the most exclusive owners clubs in the world. It doesn't matter who you are, that's cool.

If you want to snag one, you can purchase it from the Secretlab website.

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