Get hot but not bothered with the VonShef hot water dispenser instant kettle

Ditch the kettle and get yourself super hot water in seconds

VonShef Hot Water Dispenser Instant Kettle

The VonShef Hot Water Dispenser Instant Kettle is just that; it lets you bypass your traditional humdrum kettle and enjoy ready-to-go hot water whenever you need it. One of the best instant hot water kettles you can buy, it's a way quicker means of filling your favourite tea or coffee mug if you’re after a quick hit of caffeine. Bung your cup or mug under the nozzle and it’ll dispense near boiling water with the touch of a button.

Using the appliance is simplicity itself, with a one-touch button system that means all you need to do is place your cup under the nozzle and press On. The VonShef Water Dispenser can actually supply you with more than one cup too. It’s got a 2.5 litre transparent tank at the back, which keeps you going for up to 10 cups, which is pretty respectable we think. It's also highly affordable, as you can see…

VonShef Hot Water Dispenser Instant Kettle

The VonShef Hot Water Dispenser Instant Kettle is simple but effective cup-filler

Oh sure, you’ll need to top up the tank from time to time, although the appliance actually comes with a 1 litre filling jug. But it’ll get the water up to temperature in seconds, thanks in the main to a beefy 2600 watt heating element. This delivers water that’s at least 95°C before you know it. That’s way better than your boring old-school kettle, right?

Instant kettles make a great alternative to their traditional counterparts and converts also tend to think they’re more efficient and therefore cost-effective. There’s not much to go wrong either, and the VonShef is a perfect example of this. Aside from the tank needing occasional replenishment, depending how much caffeine you crave, there’s an easy-empty drip try that’ll need tipping out from time to time. Give the machine a wipe over every so often and that’s about it.

VonShef Hot Water Dispenser Instant Kettle

With good looks and performance to match the VonShef is a great value entry-level option

However, it also manages to do all this hot water heating while throwing a bit of style into proceedings. The VonShef, you see, comes in red or black and therefore, makes a bit of a change from your run-of-the-mill boring kettle. We think it's pretty cool.

It’s actually better looking than some of the other instant kettles that are out there. Considering it looks quite funky the VonShef Hot Water Dispenser Instant Kettle is an affordable entry-level appliance though visitors to your kitchen, or wherever you decided to locate it, might think it's rather more premium. Ideal if funds are currently tight.

It’s therefore a great starting point if you want to test the water, so to speak. 

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