Get a cheap Anglepoise lamp today with Amazon

Like slate grey and/or powder blue? Enjoy having iconic light fittings in your home? Today is your lucky day…

Anglepoise deal

The word 'iconic' is wildly overused, but I'm going to go ahead and use it about Anglepoise lamps. Designed in Britain, they're a true 20th century classic that, thanks to regular colour revamps, is still going strong in the 21st.

And today, you can get an Anglepoise Type 75 Mini with a big discount. It's a real lightbulb moment! Quite literally!

Anglepoise Type 75 Mini: it's like the Type 75, but smaller

Anglepoise Type 75 Mini | From £69 | Save up to £46

Anglepoise Type 75 Mini | From £69 | Save up to £46
Designed in Britain by Kenneth Grange, the Type 75 has proved to be an enduring classic, found in countless offices and, more laterly, homes. The Mini, as you would imagine, is a more recent, scaled down version meant more as a style piece than as a work lamp.

Despite that, it keeps the heavy base of the original, along with the easily and endlessly moveable aluminium arms, with stainless steel fittings. An E14 mini screw fit bulb is required – perhaps a Philips Hue might suit you? An LED bulb is provided, though.

There are small discounts on the black and white models at Amazon, but the real deals are to be found on the slate grey and powder blue models, which are £82.56 and £68.74 respectively.

Springs and style: all you need to know about the Anglepoise

Anglepoise's 'constant tension spring technology' allows for a great range of movement. The heavy base means it has perfect balance, making it possible to move the adjustable, handsome shade to all manner of positions, which it then holds.

The Type 75 Mini series is a scaled-down, 'fun' update of the Type 75, 'offering all the functionality… in a more compact and colourful form.' The smart satin finish is durable and chic.

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