Geordie score: Newcastle United get their own Amazon Prime series

Amazon Prime Video hopes you'll see The Magpies like never before in this new documentary show

Newcastle United
(Image credit: Newcastle United)

If you're a football fan, summer's bittersweet: sure, the weather's better. But the season's over. But Amazon Prime Video has good news for football fans generally and Newcastle United fans in particular. It's currently filming behind the scenes of the legendary club to show you The Magpies like you've ever seen them before. 

The programme, which doesn't currently have a name, is a four-part documentary exclusive to Amazon and follows the current 2022/23 season from close quarters. It's a significant season for the club: this the first time it's reached the cup final in 24 years.

What to expect from the Newcastle United documentary

In addition to behind-the-scenes shooting, the documentary also promises to " delve into Newcastle United's storied history at the heart of one of the world's great football cities and will explore the club's unique bond with its passionate supporters as they follow their team."

The club says that Amazon has been given "exclusive access to the club's decision makers" and that it will "explore how the decisions made by the club off the pitch impact their fortunes on it."

For Newcastle United the documentary isn't just about giving fans unprecedented access. It's about boosting performance on the pitch too. Speaking to a recent Financial Times Business of Football Summit in London, United's co-owner Amanda Staveley said that the venture would bring in cash that could be invested in plays.

The programme is still filming and should be available for streaming this summer.

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