The Geneinno S2 is an ultra-portable underwater electric scooter

Perfect for your next summer holiday

Geneinno S2 review
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Geneinno has recently released the S2, the second generation of Geneinno underwater scooters and one of the lightest and most portable underwater scooters available to buy. 

The S2 weighs just 2.67kg and has a similar footprint to a 16-inch MacBook Pro, meaning this underwater scooter can easy to fit into a large backpack or suitcase. 

In fact, you'll be able to take the S2 wherever you want because it's built-in 97Wh battery capacity is lower than the airline 100Wh limit. So, that's exactly what we did, taking the Geneinno S2 on our summer holiday to see how it performs.

One of the main appeals of this underwater scooter is just how lightweight it is. As we've already mentioned, at just 2.67kg, it can be carried in a backpack, or comfortably by hand.

It's constructed with only three main parts, with the large battery in the centre, two handles either side (which house the throttle), and two powerful motors at the end of each handle.

It's very ergonomic, and we found it easy to use.

The central housing also includes a mount for a GoPro, which is an ideal place to record your underwater excursions. If you don’t have a GoPro, you can attach a light instead and illuminate the gloomy depths and uncharted underwater caves.

The S2’s motors have an anti-rust coating, making them durable for over 1,000 hours in various scenarios, both in salt and freshwater. The sealing technique and water-cooling design ensures a level of high performance.

The S2 has a depth rating of 30 metres (98 ft), so can have some proper underwater adventures with this device, but, of course, it's also equally at home when pootling around a swimming pool.

Geneinno claims the S2 has a positive buoyancy (which means it'll float) and helps prevent it from being lost in the ocean (although, we didn't dare test this).

The Geneinno S2 provides up to a total of 22 lbs of thrust, powered by 350W brushless motors. There are two-speed settings, which can be selected by tapping the throttle or selected in the app. These allow you to cruise through the water at 2 mph when using the standard-setting, or 2.7 mph using the maximum power setting.

We were genuinely impressed with how the S2 performed – as we weren't initially expecting much from such a compact device.

The 97Wh battery gives around 45 minutes of run time, and can be recharged in just 1.5 hours using the magnetic charger.

(Image credit: Geneinno)

Geneinno S2 usage can be monitored by using the companion app, where you can view the speed, depth, distance, light, and battery life. You can share that information once you finished diving.

Since Geneinno S2 is intended for all ages, the app was specifically designed so an adult can control the scooter at the poolside while their child can play with the S2 in the pool.

Liked this? The Geneinno is available to buy now, check out the best prices below:

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