Garmin simplifies Connect smartwatch app so we mere mortals can finally understand it

Easier navigation and a customisable dashboard are just two of the changes coming to Garmin Connect

Garmin redesigns Connect app
(Image credit: Garmin)

Garmin is renowned for the accuracy of the data its wearables capture - and we're talking about a lot of data. Most of this information gets dumped into the brand's wearable companion app, Garmin Connect, where it stays buried for the rest of eternity, as the app is notoriously hard to navigate.

At least, this was the case before the company decided to roll out 'extensive updates' to its Garmin Connect app and website. These updates are said to provide a more 'simplified and personalised homepage experience' by focusing on health and fitness metrics that allow users to track their personal goals.

To achieve this, Garmin divided the homepage into sections, including Today's Activity, In Focus, At a Glance, Events, Training Plans, and Challenges. These areas will help you access key metrics and data collected by your Garmin watch.

Today's Activity is where you can view the day's logged activities, upcoming workouts, plus any events that are coming up within the next two days. In Focus provides an in-depth look at specific health and fitness metrics, including sleep score, Body Battery energy monitoring, training status and more, as well as a weekly view of activity trends that can be customised to show preferred activities.

At a Glance is a customisable sub-dashboard which can include performance stats such as heart rate, intensity minutes, steps, calories burned, stress, floors climbed, hydration, fitness age, HRV status, VO2 max, training load, heat and altitude acclimation, endurance score, etc.

Events, Training Plans and Challenges are pretty self-explanatory; if you have events added to your Garmin calendar, an active Garmin Coach plan or are doing any Garmin Challenges, you'll find those in these sections.

Starting today, select customers using Garmin smartwatches, cycling computers, and accessories can opt-in to try the beta version of Garmin Connect before it is available to everyone later this year.

Garmin also announced a new female-specific heart rate monitor, the HRM-Fit, and is exhibiting at CES 2024, so if you're in the area, make sure you check out the Garmin booth, #3519, in the LVCC West Hall.

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