You can now see Garmin stats on your Insta360 action cam footage – here's how

Insta360 becomes the first action camera brand to integrate with Garmin devices

Insta360 and Garmin Join Forces for Ultimate Running Experience
(Image credit: Insta360)

This December is all about wearable integrations. Less than a week after the Apple Watch TrainingPeaks integration went public, Insta360 just announced another innovative integration with Garmin devices. You can now pull accurate, real-time data from your Garmin device and add it to your Insta360 footage when you export.

Considering that a large chunk of people use action cameras for vlogging and particularly for recording themselves cycling and/or running to use for their videos, this might be a game changer for many content creators who use Garmin watches

The data overlay stats pulled from Garmin running watches (and multisport watches) include elevation, GPS and speed data. Using the integration, you can now see how fast you're going, how much distance you've covered, your route, and more, on your Insta360 footage.

The feature extends to the entire range of Insta360 cameras, including the brand-new Insta360 Ace Pro, 360° action camera Insta360 X3, versatile Insta360 ONE RS and tiny Insta360 GO 3. The Insta360 app now supports any Garmin device that shares data with Garmin Connect, including cycling computers and smartwatches.

How to connect

Before filming, start recording data on your Garmin device. After filming, sync the data to Garmin Connect. Then, edit your footage in the Insta360 app, tap "Stats", choose the data source, and authorize sharing data to the Insta360 app. That's it!

For accurate timecodes between the GPS data and the video, connect your Insta360 camera to the Insta360 app before recording to obtain the timecode from your phone. Check the video above for more details!

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