Gadget of the year, in the latest issue of T3!

Welcome to 2024’s edition of the T3 awards, where we carefully select the finest tech that we’ve ever seen over the last year

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The new issue of T3 is here, celebrating the best tech available today that will make your life better.

Gathering together the most gong-worthy gadgets, our awards recognise the most talented tech from the last year, from trailblazing tellies to cutting-edge smart rings. It’s the perfect showcase of the tech that you need to take notice of.

But, unbelievably, the gadget roundup doesn’t stop there. We’ve also collated the best drones for every need, whether you’re filming, racing, or just hovering in the backyard. We’ve also got the best turntables, speakers and amps, to help you build the ultimate vinyl setup for your home.

You can read a sample of the magazine right in your browser just below!

What’s inside the latest T3?

In the latest issue of T3, you’ll find:

  • Gadget of the year – all the award-winning tech available today, in 57 unique categories
  • iPad Pro M4 reviewed – the thinnest and most powerful iPad ever made
  • Ideal drones for every task – find out what we recommend, from travel to pro cinematography
  • Beats Solo 4 rated – a premium choice for versatile listening
  • Divine vinyl setups – get the best out of your LPs with the finest audio equipment
  • Dell XPS 14 tested – this might be the Goldilocks of ultra portable laptops in Dell’s XPS range
  • Audio Pro C20 reviewed – big, and clever, and relatively affordable single box wireless speaker
  • Huawei Watch Fit 3 tested – a compelling alternative to the Apple Watch

And so much more!

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