Enter stealth-mode with G-Shock's new Black-Out edition watches

All-black editions of Casio’s iconic digital watches

G-Shock reveals stealthy Mudmaster and Rangemaster Black-Out edition
(Image credit: G-Shock)

Casio has revealed new all-black editions of its G-Shock Mudmaster and G-Shock Rangeman digital watches.

The appropriately-named Black-Out watches feature blacked-out dials, bezels, cases and straps, ideal for anyone who wants a rugged and stealthy look from their next timepiece.

First up is the GG-B100-1BER Black-Out Mudmaster, which is made from black resin and features carbon fibre inserts on its bezel.

(Image credit: G-Shock)

The watch combines a traditional dial and hands with a digital display at the six o’clock position for showing the date, plus alarms, stopwatch and readings from the watch’s many onboard sensors.

These include a compass, thermometer, barometer (which can be used to determine relative altitude) and step tracker. The display can also show ambient air pressure, battery charge level (which lasts a claimed 22 months before the solar panel is taken into account), and up to five daily alarms.

Accurate to within 15 seconds per month, the Mudmaster has an automatically adjusting calendar, a 24-hour countdown timer, an automatically illuminating display, and a stopwatch which measures down to 1/1000th of a second.

Daily sunrise and sunset times are also displayed, and the watch is designed to function at temperatures as low as -10C. Water-resistance is 200 metres.

The Black-Out Mudmaster is a considerable timepiece, measuring 55.4mm across and 19.3mm thick. It is priced at £325 and is available now.

(Image credit: G-Shock)

Next up is the equally stealthy GW-9400-1BER Black-Out Rangeman. This G-Shock replaces the Mudmaster’s hands with an all-digital split into three sections. It also lacks the Mudmaster’s carbon fibre inserts, but otherwise offers the same all-black resin case and strap, with 200 metres of water resistance and range of ambient sensors.

Battery life is also 22 months (without counting energy added from the solar panel), and it can also shrug off temperatures down to -10C.

The Black-Out Rangeman is slightly smaller than the Mudmaster, but this is still a large watch, at 55.2mm across and 18.2mm thick.

Casio is pricing the Black-Out Rangeman at £299, and it is also available now.

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