Future PlayStation games could have PS5 Pro exclusive graphics

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The PS5 Pro is seemingly on the way and with it supposedly comes a new certification for games to meet. If they want the PS5 Pro Enhanced tag, then titles will need to run at 4K with a constant 60FPS and ray tracing. 

We're all expecting a turbocharged PS5 to release sooner rather than later (hopefully this year) but new information has emerged about what Sony's PS5 Pro could be capable of.

According to Insider Gaming's Tom Warren, the supercharged console could repeat a trick last seen in the PS4 Pro and offer a separate performance standard for  PlayStation titles to truly make the most of the hardware. PS5 Pro Enhanced certification. 

In the last generation, titles designated with the PS4 Pro Enhanced label (like Red Dead Redemption 2 and Assasin's Creed Odyssey) were able to run on both the PS4 and its Pro variant but offered extra performance on the Pro console. This often took the form of an improved resolution or an increased (or more stable) framerate.

It looks like in order to earn the PS5 Pro Enhanced tag titles will have to prove a combination of 4K upscaling, a constant 60 FPS and increased ray tracing effects. That's a pretty demanding checklist, but luckily it looks like the console will be suitably supercharged. 

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Insider Gaming report that the console will feature 28% faster RAM and a much faster (45%) GPU which should give it the added heft to achieve these benchmarks. On top of that it is supposedly set to include some impressive AI powered upscaling to boost the resolution of titles to 4K, hopefully that will include some of our favourite older PS5 titles too. 

Of course, no console has even been announced yet so watch this space, but PlayStation does traditionally hold a State of Play event in the spring/early summer  which would make a perfect time for an announcement. 

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