Here's when the future of Xbox will be confirmed, and how to listen to it live

Phil Spencer will reveal all in a podcast today

Phil Spencer – Xbox
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Xbox will host a special podcast today, Thursday, 15 February, when Phil Spencer and other executives will address the rumours about the brand's future direction.

There should be some clarity on games being ported to PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch, plus an update on whether we'll see another Xbox console.

There has been a lot of gossip about Xbox in recent times. It has only sold half the amount of its current generation consoles as Sony, and there is a lot of talk about it ripping up the playbook when it comes to platform exclusives – suggesting that it will start to release all of its Xbox Game Studios titles on rival machines.

Some have even suggested that we might have seen the last ever Xbox console already.

That might be a bit extreme, but there's definitely something up at Xbox towers, and we're about to find out exactly what. The head of Microsoft's gaming arm, Phil Spencer, is to speak with fellow Xbox executives Sarah Bond and Matt Booty on a special podcast to be released today.

On it they will detail the future of the brand and, we hope, what it means for Xbox hardware going forward.

Here's everything you need to know about the podcast, including when it'll be live online and what to expect.

When will the special Official Xbox Podcast be available?

Xbox will post its likely pre-recorded podcast today, Thursday 15 February 2024 at 12:00 PT.

Here are the times for your region:

  • US West Coast: 12:00 PT
  • US East Coast: 15:00 ET
  • UK: 20:00 GMT
  • Central Europe: 21:00 CET
  • India (New Delhi): 00:30 IST (16 February)
  • Japan (Tokyo): 04:00 JST (16 February)
  • South Korea (Seoul): 04:00 KST (16 February)
  • Australia (Sydney): 07:00 AEDT (16 February)

How to listen to the special Official Xbox Podcast

We hope to host the Official Xbox Podcast right here on T3 closer the time.

However, you can also listen to it on Xbox's official YouTube channel or "wherever you listen to your podcasts".

Will this be the death of Xbox Series X, Series S and future Xbox consoles?

We don't yet know how much the Xbox executive team will reveal about future console plans, but it's hugely unlikely that it will be scrapping hardware completely.

Instead, we expect Xbox head Phil Spencer, its president, Sarah Bond, and the head of Xbox Game Studios, Matt Booty to discuss a new strategy of releasing games across multiple platforms.

In all honesty, it doesn't make business sense to restrict its first-party titles to a console lineup that only makes up a fraction of the market and is unlikely to ever make up enough ground.

On top of this, Xbox is investing heavily on cloud gaming, so wants its titles on every device anyway – basically anything with an internet connection and access to a screen. So, it's been splitting from the age-old console release traditions already, and for several years.

We'll find out for sure soon.

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