Fresh & Dry Balls is an *essential* deodorant for the upcoming heatwave

It’s time to deodorise more than just your armpits, gentlemen

Fresh & Dry Balls is the deodorant that does exactly what you expect it to
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With the UK basking in a heatwave for the weekend ahead, it’s time to think about upping your deodorant game. But in this weather, a quick spray of the pits simply won't cut it.

Gentlemen, we are talking about keeping you cool, dry and fresh below the belt, with a deodorant specifically designed to combat perspiration and chafing.

With a name that doesn’t beat around the bush, so to speak, Fresh & Dry Balls XL is a new, extra-large offering of gentleman’s deodorant from Below The Belt Grooming.

The new 150ml version is just what you’ll need for the heatwave ahead, whether you’re heading out for a socially-distanced drink, lounging on the sofa, or hitting the pavement to lose a few of those lockdown pounds.

(Image credit: Fresh & Dry Balls)

Fresh & Dry Balls (no giggling at the back) claims to offer all-day, talc-free sweat protection and prevention. It also promises long-lasting freshness and odour-free comfort, with a fresh fragrance its makers say is a “refreshingly clean, oceanic scent”. No word yet on whether it tingles like that shower gel you once tried.

All products from Below The Belt Grooming are dermatologically tested, vegan friendly and cruelty-free.

Not just for warding off chafing on excessively hot days, Fresh & Dry Balls is intended for daily use. Graham Lynch-Staunton, CEO of Vivalis Beauty, which owns Below The Belt Grooming, said: “For many men, the product has become as much as a mainstay of their daily grooming regime as underarm deodorant – not only making the ball and groin region area fresh, dry and comfortable, but protecting from painful rubbing and chafing.”

Available now, the larger 150ml version of Fresh & Dry Balls is priced at £9.99.

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