Get a free PlayStation Classic with these brilliant EE and Vodafone SIM-only deals

Get a new SIM-only plan, and the chance to revisit Tekken 3, too

PlayStation Classic Deal Discount SIM-Only

It's not often that mobile networks throw-in freebies with their SIM-only plans, after all, the prices are normally enough to tempt customers – with the goodies reserved for the costlier contracts. So, it's pleasantly surprising to see EE offering customers a free PlayStation Classic console with select SIM-only plans.

Like the NES and SNES Classic Mini launched by Nintendo, the PlayStation Classic offers a healthy dollop of nostalgia for video game fans. It typically costs £89.99. As well as two controllers modelled on the original 1994 console, you'll also get 20 preinstalled video games, including the likes of Resident Evil and Grand Theft Auto.

The free Playstation Classic is not only limited to the priciest SIM-only plans, either. EE has included the substantial freebie in SIM-only plans starting from £14 a month.

And if you're not keen on EE or get better signal with another network, you'll be pleased to find out that Vodafone is also offering the same deal.

Here's all the SIM-only plans eligible for the free PlayStation Classic ~

These SIM-only deals are also available throughout the SIM card range, so no matter if your phones uses a Standard SIM, Micro SIM, or Nano SIM.

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