Buy a Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra and get a free laptop for Prime Day

This is a great deal for the phone alone – and it comes with a free laptop as well!

The Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra in green on a green background
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The Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra is an absolute powerhouse handset. Packed with a top-spec Snapdragon processor and a 200MP main camera, the phone has earned its place among the upper echelons of the industry.

Now, in the Amazon Prime Day sale, you can get a stonking deal on it! It's a deal we've seen before, and it's always one of my favourites.

Right now, you can pick up the 512GB version of the Android phone for £1,198.99 at Amazon – and snag yourself a free laptop, to boot!

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra 512GB: was £1,399, now £1,198.99 at Amazon

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra 512GB: was £1,399, now £1,198.99 at Amazon
Save £200 on the top-spec Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra this Amazon Prime Day – and bag a free Chromebook to boot! You'll enjoy brilliant images captured by the 200MP camera, and superior performance with a top Snapdragon processor.

If this deal only included the phone, you'd be getting a good deal. Throw in a free Samsung Galaxy Chromebook Go, though, and you're getting a whole lot of tech for the money.

The Chromebook Go is a useful little device in its own right. As is the nature of a Chromebook, it isn't going to excel with high-horsepower tasks like video editing or music production. But simple day-to-day tasks – word processing, spreadsheet work and streaming content – should be more than fine.

It would make a great laptop for a student. Perhaps you're looking to upgrade your phone, but also need to pick up a device for the kids to work on when they start the new school year. This deal kills two birds with one stone.

The deal shown above doesn't do full justice to the true savings on offer. This bundle tends to retail for £1,698, meaning you'll save £499 on the pair.

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