Fragrances with vegetable scents are trending...but why?

Apparently smelling like a cauliflower is the next best thing

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There's nothing better than finding your new favourite fragrance, and it's even nicer when you start receiving compliments on it as well. Whether it's a friend or even a stranger on the street, the words smell great! What is that? can turn a bad day into something special. As there are so many variations of the best women's perfumes and best men's fragrances out there, many perfumers are beginning to experiment with different notes and pairings. Some are classic and some are wacky, but there's one particular fragrance trend that has recently grown in popularity more than others...vegetables. 

Vegetal scents have been experimented with more and more since COMME des GARÇONS launched Radish Vetiver in 2019, followed by beetroot-inspired Rouge in 2020. Earlier this year, L’Artisan Parfumeur launched Le Potager, a collection of 5 perfumes centred around vegetable notes, including cauliflower, leek, sweet pea, beetroot and tomato leaf. The collection has been extremely successful, particularly due to its refreshing stance on fragrance as a whole. Alexandra Carlin and Quentin Bisch, the perfumers behind the collection, aimed to push the boundaries altogether: "the challenge is to dress the vegetable with a classic material to keep a part of the mystery". 

In celebration of this new fragrance trend, we decided to round up some of the best vegetal scents currently on the market. From Jo Malone to Miller Harris, it really is clear how fragrant vegetables can be (and in a good way!) - don't worry, we've stuck the infamous cauliflower perfume in there as well. 

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