10 expert-approved tips to make your perfume last longer

From pulse points to storage, here’s how to make your perfume last for longer

How to make perfume last longer
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After spending time and money finding your perfect scent, it’s extremely disappointing to find that your fragrance isn’t lasting as long as you’d like it to. Even if you’ve invested in the best women’s perfumes or the best men’s fragrances, if you’re not applying them properly or storing them in the right place, that signature scent you’ve worked hard to cultivate is essentially going to waste.

To get the most out of your fragrance and enjoy it for hours on end, here are 10 expert-approved tips for making your perfume last longer.

1. Spray your pulse points

The first way to ensure your perfume sticks to your skin is to spray it on your pulse points. It’s all in the application so stick to areas like your wrists, neck, ears, inside your elbows and even behind your knees. These areas are warmer than the rest of your body and are where the skin is at its thinnest, meaning it’s closer to your body temperature. As your perfume reacts and gets warm, it diffuses naturally and over a period of time, so you’ll smell fragrant for longer.

2. Apply after showering

Another application tip is to spray your perfume when you’ve got out of the shower. Due to the showers’ heat and steam, your pores open and your body temperature gets higher. This is the perfect time to apply your perfume as your skin is more equipped to hold onto it. After showering, your skin is free from sweat and oils which can cloud your perfume so you’re almost starting off with a clean slate that your perfume can cling to more easily.

3. Avoid rubbing your wrists together

Everyone is guilty of rubbing their wrists together after applying perfume but this is one of the worst things you can do if you’re trying to make your scent last. While you might think blotting your fragrance can help it stick to your skin better, it actually has the opposite effect as it disrupts the fragrance and ruins its quality. All this together means your perfume won’t smell fresh and will wear off sooner.

4. Moisturise your skin

Hydrated skin holds onto fragrances much longer than dry skin so don’t forget to moisturise before spraying. Experts say showering, drying yourself and moisturising gets your skin primed for your fragrance to stick to, leaving you smelling great throughout the day. For more aromas, you can make your own signature scent by applying a scented moisturiser to your skin before spritzing your perfume.

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5. Use Vaseline

Similar to moisturising, a great way to get your perfume to last is by applying Vaseline to your pulse points. The stickiness and consistency of Vaseline holds on to your scent more effectively than if you were to apply it to dry skin.

6. Spritz your hairbrush

If you’ve ever sprayed your perfume in the air before walking through it, you might have noticed that your hair picks up on the scent. The reason for this is because hair is a better carrier for perfume than skin is, as its pH level doesn’t influence its smell or longevity. But rather than pouring perfume in your hair, try spraying your hairbrush with it before brushing. As you run the brush through your hair, it will become lightly scented, remain in good condition and last throughout the day. Hair fragrances or mists are the best options for this.

7. Layer your scents

Layering your scents is a fun way to make your own signature smell. You can mix and match different scents or choose a perfume that comes with an accompanying shower gel or body cream. Alternatively, experiment with layering different perfumes from your collection, making sure to apply the stronger scent first so as not to overpower the lighter one.

8. Store your perfume properly

Where you store your perfume can have an effect on how strong it smells out of the bottle and on your skin. Keeping your fragrances in a bright hot room is the worst place to store them as the light and heat affect the intensity, longevity and quality of your scent. Instead, display them in a cool dry place away from windows and heat sources.

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9. Check the notes and concentration

If you want something to last all day, pick a perfume with the right notes and concentration. Eau de toilettes are lighter so they won't last as long whereas eau de parfums are richer and will be more intense for longer. Choosing a full bodied perfume with strong base notes can set you up for success throughout the day. As stronger scents like vanilla and sandalwood smell bolder, they’ll remain on you compared to lighter top notes that may dissipate quicker, like florals and citrus.

10. Stick to the expiration date

All fragrances have an expiration date and while you might not think that matters, it actually does. A perfumes’ lifespan lasts for around two to 10 years, and overtime, the scent can evaporate in the bottle and on the skin. Even if your perfume is in date, if you’re not storing it properly, you might notice that your perfume doesn’t smell right, has lost its colour, or become separated and cloudy. If this is the case, it’s time to ditch it and buy a new perfume.

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