Forget air fryers – Xiaomi’s smart cooking robot is the future of appliances

The Xiaomi Smart Cooking Robot is the only appliance you’ll ever need for your kitchen

Lifestyle image of the Xiaomi Smart Cooking Robot surrounded by plates of food
(Image credit: Xiaomi)

There’s been much discussion surrounding whether the best air fryers are making the best ovens obsolete. Due to their cost, time and space-saving designs, many people are turning away from the oven in favour of multifunctional appliances, like air fryers and multi-cookers. Now, a new launch from Xiaomi could completely change the way we cook and impact the future of appliances altogether.

While Xiaomi is arguably known for its Xiaomi and Redmi phones, the Chinese manufacturer has also expanded into smart home appliances, including air purifiers, security cameras and smart bulbs. Its latest smart home creation is the Xiaomi Smart Cooking Robot, a hands-free cooking solution that could replace almost every appliance in your kitchen.

Taking a look at the design, the Xiaomi Smart Cooking Robot looks like a speaker, tablet and thermomix combined into one device. Judging from the sheer size and bulk of it, it has a lot under its hood which makes your cooking experience much easier and more seamless.

Next to the food ‘spout’ where you put your ingredients is the eight-inch touchscreen. It gives you a clear view of what you’re cooking and how long it has left, plus you can choose recipes and ingredients with a tap of the button. As you add food to it, the Xiaomi Smart Cooking Robot automatically weighs everything and can also pre-clean your food before cooking.

The Xiaomi Smart Cooking Robot is equipped with a high-power switched reluctance motor that transmits power and offers a 40rpm - 12000rpm rotation speed. Depending on the speed you choose, the Xiaomi Smart Cooking Robot can tackle a variety of foods and different cooking methods, of which it allegedly offers a total of 35.

Xiaomi Smart Cooking Robot on a white background

(Image credit: Xiaomi)

35 functions in one machine sounds pretty insane, but Xiaomi has designed its Smart Cooking Robot to be the solution to all your kitchen tasks. Within the 35 cooking options, the Xiaomi Smart Cooking Robot can stir fry, grind, stew, boil, braise, steam, knead, juice, mince and much more.

Despite its massive size, the Xiaomi Smart Cooking Robot is actually designed with small kitchens in mind, as it can replace all your other appliances so you’re effectively saving space in your kitchen. Alongside its many cooking features, the Xiaomi Smart Cooking Robot can cook multiple dishes at the same time, thanks to its main pot, steamer and mesh basket which can be used individually or together for speedy meals and batch cooking.

As the name suggests, the Xiaomi Smart Cooking Robot uses smart technology, like CookingIoT and 3D induction heating to cook your food. The CookingIoT calculates cooking temperature, time and speed so you can throw in your ingredients, select the recipe you want, and the Xiaomi Smart Cooking Robot will cook it perfectly for you.

For more cooking options (if that’s even possible), the Xiaomi Smart Cooking Robot comes with plenty of accessories, like whisks, hooks, steamers and trays. As it’s designed to replace almost everything in your kitchen, the Xiaomi Smart Cooking Robot doesn’t come cheap at £899.99.

So, is the Xiaomi Smart Cooking Robot the future of cooking? It just might be, but I’ll have to try it first!

Bethan Girdler-Maslen
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