Fifth gen Apple iPad Pro will launch with this surprise new feature

Apple is reportedly working with LG on a Mini-LED display for its fifth-gen iPad Pro

Apple iPad Pro
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Apple's annual WWDC keynote event took place this week, and while we got a ton of announcements on iOS 14, ARM-based Macs, and watchOS 7, rumours still abound on the company's products - including the latest titbit on the upcoming fifth generation iPad Pro.

This seed of this particular rumour began a number of years ago with whispers that Apple was looking to partner with LG - possibly on a new iPhone - and that the tech giant was beavering away in a secret Taiwanese R&D lab on revolutionary new display tech that would allow for thinner, lighter screens that would be more energy efficient than those Samsung was providing.

And now it seems that may have been some truth to it after all, with reports of a 2020 iPad that will utilise a Mini-LED display rather than the current LCD technology.

According to an insider at the company, LG will be supplying Apple with 12.9-inch Mini-LED panels for the fifth generation iPad Pro, which will launch this later year. Mini-LED uses smaller LEDs to power its backlight compared to regular LED, and as such, packs more in. This not only makes for better contrast and black level when it comes to the picture, but also allows for a thinner overall design.

While LG Display will provide the panels, Taiwanese-based company Epistar will supply the LED chips, and the LCD module will be assembled by another Taiwanese company, called TSMT, which is apparently overseeing the entire project, before handing it off to Foxconn.

This new iPad is said to be in a trial production run now, with a rumoured Q4 launch window on the cards. The iPad isn't the only Apple device that will be switching to Mini-LED either, according to the reports, which suggest monitors and notebooks will be overhauled as well. 

Apple launched its fourth generation iPad Pro earlier this year, which was the first update to the range since 2018's model. The tablet lacked 5G which is also said to be coming to the next iteration when it releases.

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