Experts reveal top 5 tips to staying productive whilst working from home

Finding yourself distracted when working from home? You’re not alone

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It’s no secret that countless companies adopted a hybrid model of working from home after the pandemic. This was a hugely welcomed change by many, highlighting a variety of benefits such as more flexibility and a more comfortable working environment. Aspects such as employee’s work-life balance drastically improved, and it’s a policy that has been made permanent for many companies as a result. 

However, remote working can also be isolating and distracting. Remaining engaged and productive whilst working from home is a delicate balance that many employees struggle to strike, with research stating that employees working primarily from home reported feeling twice as unengaged as those working in the office. Whilst completely manageable, it’s a motivation that takes effort to maintain. 

We spoke with Andrew Jackson and David Tinker, co-founders of Rethinkly, who have listed their top tips for remaining productive when working from home. Rethinkly is an immersive technology platform that facilitates challenging communication in the workplace. We say they’re pretty much experts, so who better to get advice from?

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​1. Establish a routine

Research surrounding the most highly productive individuals found that 92% of them followed planned morning routines. Having a structured schedule can help you stay focused and maintain a sense of normality. It also reduces any time and energy used on making decisions. Humans are creatures of habit and perform naturally better in predictable environments as it provides a sense of security. 

2. Stay connected 

Maintain regular communication with your colleagues and supervisors through virtual meetings, emails or instant messaging. Collaboration and social interaction can help combat feelings of isolation and keep you motivated. Rethinkly’s proprietary research also found that feeling challenged in communication would lead to 15% of individuals taking time off work. 

3. Identify key time-frames

Pay attention to your energy levels and identify the times of day when you are most productive. This is likely different for everyone and therefore identifying your personal best performance time slots and scheduling your most important or challenging tasks during these periods can maximise efficiency and motivation.  

4. Minimise distractions  

Identify potential distractions in your home and take steps to minimise them. Data has revealed that the biggest distractor when working from home is scrolling on social media. You should try turning off notifications on your phone, using website blockers to limit access to social media or creating a quiet and clutter-free workspace. Using specific lighting is also a great way to stay productive - check out our guide on which lighting works best

5. Designated workspace 

Set up a designated workspace that is separate from your living area if possible. This helps create a physical boundary between work and leisure, making it easier to concentrate and stay motivated. Airtasker found in their research that 1 in 4 felt having a designated area to work in at home was key to remaining productive. Read our top tips for getting your workspace sorted so you can begin!

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