Evercade Alpha is the retro arcade machine I've always dreamed of – affordable and can play 100s of games

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Evercade Alpha - Street Fighter II and Mega Man
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The Evercade retro gaming system has been expanded to include two desktop arcade cabinets that can play existing and new cartridges.

The Evercade Alpha models also come with games already built in, with a Street Fighter collection on one, and Mega Man and several other Capcom classics on the other.

Evercade has been going great guns recently. Not only did it release one of our favourite affordable gaming handhelds at the end of last year, the HyperMegaTech Super Pocket, and recently reveal updated models of its Evercade EXP and VS consoles, it has announced that 1 million retro game cartridges have been sold since the brand launched four years ago.

Now it is taking the concept even further, with a bartop arcade machine that's compatible with existing and future Evercade cartridges.

Comprised of two separate models – one featuring six classic Street Fighter games preinstalled, the other coming with Mega Man and a trio of other Capcom favourites – the Evercade Alpha measures 410 x 244 x 316mm so can easily sit on a desk or tabletop.

As well as the included games, it sports dual Evercade cartridge slots, allowing for two separate cartridge collections to be inserted simultaneously. That can expand the available games list greatly. And considering there are now more than 50 cartridges available, featuring more than 500 games in total, that can give users a massive library of retro titles to play.

Each unit houses an 8-inch high-res IPS display with a 4:3 aspect ratio – similar to many coin-ops from yesteryear. They also provide "competition-grade" arcade controls and a light-up marquee bar at the top with swappable artwork.

Users can also add USB Evercade or third-party controllers for local multiplayer gaming, and there is built-in Wi-Fi for over-the-air updates and online features.

Stereo speakers and a headphone jack are on board too.

Evercade Alpha

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The Street Fighter variant includes the following games:

  • Street Fighter II' Champion Edition
  • Super Street Fighter II Turbo
  • Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo
  • Street Fighter Alpha – Warriors' Dreams
  • Street Fighter Alpha 2
  • Street Fighter Alpha 3

Evercade Alpha

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The Mega Man version features the following:

  • Mega Man – The Power Battle
  • Mega Man 2 – The Power Fighters
  • Carrier Air Wing
  • Final Fight
  • Knights of the Round
  • Strider

In addition to the standard Evercade Alpha cabinets, you will also be able to order deluxe versions of each model. These up the controls to SANWA, which are widely considered among the best, most authentic arcade sticks and buttons you can get. You also get a USB controller included.

They also feature six swappable marquees with each version, rather than the three with each standard unit.

The Evercade Alpha will be available to pre-order from 4 June for an introductory price of £199.99 / $229.99 / €229.99 for each variant. They will both be fully released in November this year when the price will rise by £20 / $20 / €20 respectively.

The Evercade Alpha Deluxe Edition models will be exclusive to Funstock and priced at £249.99 / €289.99 each. US distribution will be handled locally, so look out for additional details.

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