Eve Sleep’s new mattress lets you change its firmness by flipping it over

Eve Sleep relaunches its mattress collection with six new Wunderflip mattresses

Eve Sleep Wunderflip mattress
(Image credit: Eve Sleep)

Eve Sleep has relaunched its mattress collection with the introduction of the Wunderflip line. Featuring six mattresses, including memory foam, hybrid and spring models, Eve Sleep lets you change the firmness of your Wunderflip mattress by simply flipping it over.

Adaptable, comfortable and supportive, the Eve Sleep Wunderflip collection is available to buy now with prices starting at £399.

Eve Sleep has just announced the complete relaunch and redesign of its award-winning mattress collection. The new Wunderflip line features six mattresses, including hybrid, memory foam and spring models that offer different comfort and firmness levels that can be adapted to your sleep preferences with a quick flip.

Eve Sleep has been relatively quiet over the past couple years. In 2022, the manufacturer briefly went into administration before making a comeback and offering memory foam, hybrid and lighter mattress options. Now, Eve Sleep has completely relaunched its best mattresses, called the Wunderflip.

The idea behind the Wunderflip mattress collection is versatility and adaptability to suit all sleep styles. Shoppers can choose from three different types of mattresses, all of which come with temperature regulating properties and react to the body for better support and pressure relief.

The most interesting part of the new Wunderflip mattresses is the ‘Wunderflip adaptive comfort’. This feature offers two different comfort and tension levels, so one side of the mattress is firmer and the other is softer. To switch between the two, all you have to do is remove the comfort layer cover, flip your mattress and put the cover back on. That’s it! 

Eve Sleep Wunderflip mattress

(Image credit: Eve Sleep)

The collection is made up of the Wunderflip Ultimate Hybrid mattress, the Wunderflip Premium Memory Foam mattress, the Wunderflip Premium Hybrid mattress, the Wunderflip Memory Foam mattress, the Wunderflip Hybrid mattress and then Wunderflip Lighter mattress. As the Wunderflip mattresses are available in memory foam, hybrid and springs, the ‘Wunderflip adaptive comfort’ is different in each type to offer the different firmness levels.

The memory foam versions of the Wunderflip are constructed of open-cell pressure-relieving memory foam that moulds to the body and offers good breathability so you don’t get hot in the night. The hybrid models use this foam in combination with reactive dual-sided springs that offer minimal motion transfer and react to the body’s contours.

Other clever features of the new Wunderflip collection include zoning systems that support the body and leave you feeling cool and comfortable. The Wunderflip mattresses are available at Eve Sleep in single, double, king and super king sizes, with prices starting at £399.

Right now, you can already find discounted prices on the Wunderflip mattresses, and for other offers throughout the year, check out these Eve Sleep deals, sales and discount codes.

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