How often should you flip your mattress?

Everything you need to know about flipping mattresses, including how to do it and how often

How often should you flip your mattress?
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From cleaning and rotating, to flipping and replacing, mattresses require a lot more maintenance than you might initially think. It goes without saying that when you invest in the best mattress, it’s important to take care of it so it lasts longer without stains, sags or rips.

One thing people overlook is flipping their mattress. This is probably due to mattresses being heavy, finicky and awkward. Not only that but often people don’t realise it’s something they need to do in order to keep their mattress in top condition.

To help you get the most out of your mattress, I’ve put together this comprehensive guide on mattress flipping, including how often you should be doing it, why it’s beneficial and a step-by-step on how to flip your mattress.

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Why should you flip your mattress?

Whether you’re a memory foam fan or prefer the traditional spring feel, flipping your mattress is something that should be done regularly. The main reason is because people tend to sleep in the same spot every night, which can cause your mattress to dip, sag or tear overtime. Flipping helps prevent these incidents and reduces the risk of your mattress losing its support or springiness.

Flipping your mattress ensures your mattress stays in good shape and extends its lifespan. If you’re a spring mattress owner, flipping keeps the coils from breaking and if you have one of the best memory foam mattresses, flipping means the foam will continue to support and cradle the body. See our guide on memory foam vs springs for more differences.

It’s important to note some mattresses shouldn’t be flipped, for example, if your mattress has a one sided sleep surface which Emma mattresses tend to have. When flipped, one sided mattresses like latex, hybrid or memory foam put excess pressure on the comfort layer which damages it. Always make sure you check the mattress label before flipping.

How often should you flip your mattress?

The big question: how often should you flip your mattress? The general rule of thumb is to flip your mattress every 6 months, so twice a year. If your mattress is old, you should consider flipping it more often or replace it with a new one. Most mattresses have tags on them which will explain how often you should flip it, so make sure to follow those instructions, especially if you have a one sided mattress.

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Mattress flipping

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How to flip a mattress

Flipping a mattress can be difficult, especially if your bedroom is on the small side or you’re dealing with a double or king. If your mattress is particularly big or heavy, ask someone to help you.

First, start by removing your duvets, protectors, pillows and sheets. If your room is small, you should also move your furniture out of the way so you have more space. If your mattress has handles, use these to maneuver your mattress.

Rotate your mattress 90-degrees so the longer side is parallel to the headboard. Prop your mattress up on its side and gently flip it over, lowering it gradually. Rotate it 90-degrees again so it’s back in its original position but flipped! When you lift your mattress, take a few minutes to clean or vacuum the bed base and mattress to get rid of germs, dust and other bacteria.

Flipping vs Rotating: what’s the difference?

When you search ‘flipping mattresses’, you’ll often see ‘mattress rotating’ pop up as well. Flipping and rotating are two different things, but both are equally important and should be done on a regular basis. Rotating your mattress is also important if you have a one sided mattress that can’t be flipped.

Rotating your mattress is another great way to keep your mattress in top condition and is much easier than flipping. Instead of picking it up and flipping it over, rotating sees you rotate your mattress 180-degrees so the side that was at the head of your bed base is now at the foot.

In comparison to flipping, you should try to rotate your mattress every 3 months if they’re memory foam or innerspring. If you have a hybrid or latex mattress, stick to 6 months.

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