Get fit with a friend and burn calories with this 8-move full-body workout

Hate working out alone? Get fit with a friend instead!

Two friends fist bumping in a gym about to start a workout
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If you’re keen to start your fitness journey, but struggle to find the motivation, have you ever considered working out with a friend? As well as getting fit together, you can cheer each other on and we guarantee there'll probably be a few laughs too. If you’re warming to the idea, then this full-body partner workout is a great starting point as it requires no equipment and it’ll only take you 20 minutes.

Getting started is always the hardest part when it comes to fitness; gyms can be intimidating, working out at home requires you to actually put time aside, but committing to working out with a friend can help with both of these. Not only is it like having your own personal cheerleader but, for many, working out with someone at the same fitness level as them can actually encourage you to work harder as it can unleash your competitive side. Plus, it’s always good to have someone to hold you accountable when you’re about to give up on that last rep you're about to give up on.

Alongside some decent workout shoes to enhance your stability, you should both have an exercise/yoga mat for comfort as there are some floor movements. You’ll be doing eight exercises in total – your partner will do one high intensity exercise for a set number of reps, while the other does a hold movement, then you’ll swap. You’re aiming to do the whole workout three times. Here’s what you’ll be doing: 

  • Partner 1: Squat hold
  • Partner 2: 10 burpees 


  • Partner 1: Plank
  • Partner 2: 50 skips (either use a skipping rope or do little jumps on the spot)


  • Partner 1: Hollow hold
  • Partner 2: 100 ab bike crunches 


  • Partner 1: Shoulder taps
  • Partner 2: 16 jumping lunges (do alternative lunges if this is too hard)


Once you’ve both become pros at this workout, you can up the intensity by introducing some weights into the equation, such as a pair of dumbbells or a single kettlebell. You can hold either of these whilst doing the squat hold, lunges or even the hollow hold. The increased resistance will mean your body has to work harder, which will burn even more calories. If you enjoyed this partner workout, then give this dumbbell superset workout a go together next, where you can alternate between the superset exercises.

Bryony Firth-Bernard
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